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30 day Ginga Challenge - Day 4 - Favourite Villain - Masamune and Sniper

I really love these two as both characters and villains (tbh they’re kinda tied in being my favourite) I accidentally made Masamune too thin ;;

Sniper was the first/second character I found when I discovered the amazing Ginga series. It was a “Sniper’s Flawed Design” video. I was like “Oh hey a doberman :O!” haha, I actually thought Gin (at the time I didn’t know their names) was Sniper, but then I found out that the doberman was Sniper. I instantly wanted to find out about where he came from (since I love dobermans and I wanted to watch this series) and so yea. I do actually like Sniper in the GDW manga more than I do in the GNG anime and Manga (I still like him in GNG though ) 

Idk how I found out about Masamune. I really don’t. I think I was on the Wiki? and was looking at Orion’s page and saw his name mentioned. I really like Masamune’s character, since he isn’t really..laughing at everything? 

Also I really love both of their Manga Designs ;v;!