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30 day Ginga Challenge - Day 4 - Favourite Villain - Masamune and Sniper

I really love these two as both characters and villains (tbh they’re kinda tied in being my favourite) I accidentally made Masamune too thin ;;

Sniper was the first/second character I found when I discovered the amazing Ginga series. It was a “Sniper’s Flawed Design” video. I was like “Oh hey a doberman :O!” haha, I actually thought Gin (at the time I didn’t know their names) was Sniper, but then I found out that the doberman was Sniper. I instantly wanted to find out about where he came from (since I love dobermans and I wanted to watch this series) and so yea. I do actually like Sniper in the GDW manga more than I do in the GNG anime and Manga (I still like him in GNG though ) 

Idk how I found out about Masamune. I really don’t. I think I was on the Wiki? and was looking at Orion’s page and saw his name mentioned. I really like Masamune’s character, since he isn’t really..laughing at everything? 

Also I really love both of their Manga Designs ;v;!

i like how in the gng manga gin’s scars when he first gets them are like composed of 4 or 5 different marks but two heal and he stays with the three and they’re ever so slightly closer to the left side of his head then the right and the one closest to his ear extends onto his muzzle, it feels so much more natural and appealing to me idk im a slut for asymmetry

meanwhile gdw gin and on has perfectly symmetrical scars without rough edges or details that are smack dab in the middle of his forehead and i pretend it doesn’t bother me but it does