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A crash course on Japanese dog fighting

One thing I’ve heard people criticize Ginga about is how dog fighting in portrayed in the series. In the Gingaverse, dog fighting is treated like a noble sport, with powerful fighting dogs like Benizakura and Musashi praised as some of the biggest badasses in the entire Ohu army, and they are adored by both the public and their owners. This is in sharp contrast to the real life “sport” of dog fighting, where dogs, oftentimes mistreated and purposefully starved for maximum ferocity, are let loose on one another in illegal, bloody pit fights to the death, and their owners care only for how much entertainment or money they can bring them. How could anyone in their right mind glorify such an immoral pastime?

Well, let’s start with this little tidbit:

Japanese dog fighting is not the same as Western dog fighting.

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