So, you might be wondering why there is a horse and buggy at this gas station.  Me too.  Actually,  this photo is hilarious to me.  I did not take it, because I try to respect the fact that the Amish do not like to be photographed. Their 2nd commandment states that “thou shalt not make graven images” (which means don’t photograph me because G-d will get pissed).  However, my less respectful and humorous friend went ahead and saw the amazingness that could be captured.  

So the Amish folks around here are actually pretty progressive.  Sometimes that makes me feel like I might be getting a little jipped, but I’ll live.  They don’t use electricity, but they use gas to power generators which then power things like refrigerators and washing machines.  Like I said, these are some progressive Amish folks.  They even have toilets inside their homes.  Liberals.

On a second, unrelated note, I hope everyone enjoyed the brightest moon of the year. We gathered on the grass during our Cinco de Mayo celebration and formed a circle at exactly 11:35pm and then proceeded to dance in honor of the moon.  It was awesome.  There is this huge grassy area between our houses and I have been dreaming of the day I could run and roll around in it.  So, needless to say one of my dreams came true.  I then took a shower and random bits of grass were washed out of my hair.  It freaked me out for a second, but then I remembered that I kept doing fish flops (modern dance move that’s sort of like a backwards somersault) and my head touched the grass, a lot.  

And finally on a third note, my parents and sister came to visit me this week.  It was wonderful getting to see them and  they claimed they really liked this area.  We went to a nearby town called, Goshen where they have an amazing fabric store for my quilting mother and a cute downtown.  I also showed them the finest establishments in Nappanee.  One of them being the best restaurant in town, which is in fact a Mexican joint.  In every small town I have worked in, thus far, there is always a Mexican restaurant and it’s always pretty good.  Go figure.  Viva la Mexico!!