hi guys!! if you didn’t know already, i make 8bit tunes (or semi-8bit/music box) as a hobby in my free time! i need practice (and also a little cash) so i’m offering to make you tunes for any price !!! wanna pay me nothing? shit son go right the fuck ahead and do it !! wanna fork up a franklin? no. don’t do that. pls don’t i’ll feel bad. but i cannot stop you or i’d be a hypocrite.

★ pay anything. >=$5 per tune (~2-3min) = my love but anything is GR8
★ send payments via paypal to
★ all songs will at LEAST be over 1min in length
★ if you want something changed pls tell me
★ i will work mostly in 8bit/music box but let me know if you have something in mind and i’ll talk to you about it
★ please email with the following info:

  • name
  • estimated pay (don’t confirm this until i’m done)
  • details/themes/moods/ideas/melodies/basically what you want
  • anything else that’s important

★★★ you can also hire me for any game/project for really really cheap (like $15-25?) ;_; email if you’re interested. i will make endless short loops and full-length tunes for you 

[soundcloud w/ better samples]
[my music tag]

please direct any questions to my email address as i don’t check tumblr too often! thanks and please reblog if you like what i make!!! xoxo

[image art created by me]