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Hunters on the Hellmouth Masterlist

Setting (which is a spoiler in and of itself): Chapter 1 begins toward the end of SPN season 5, and before BTVS season 7. Wanna know how that works? Gotta read the story.

Characters: There are over two dozen canon characters and a few OCs by series’ end. Yes, your fav is probably here in some form.

Word Count: So many.

Warnings: Canon violence, alcohol. Much more swearing. Some chapters have sexual content, but it’s not super explicit because that’s not how I roll. (For example: this is actually something I cut from this series.) Anything that could be particularly triggering will be noted at the beginning of the chapter.

Image by the lovely salvachester

1: Meet Me at the Cemetery After a last-minute rescue from the clutches of Luficer lands them in Sunnydale, California, the Winchesters run into an unusual hunter. (wc 3096)

2: Prophecies and Milkshakes The Winchesters learn more about The Slayer, and Buffy tries to convince them to stay in Sunnydale for a while. (wc 4271)

3: The Winchesters Return In the wake of a shocking discovery, the Winchesters return to Sunnydale, hoping to find a way home. (wc 6421)

4: The Favor The Winchesters owe Buffy a favor, and she’s calling it in. (wc 3625)

5: First Patrol There are some huge differences between being a hunter versus the Slayer. (wc 3855)

6: The Bronze Buffy puts the Winchesters’ hunting skills to the test in Sunnydale’s favorite hangout. (wc 4267)

7: Merry-Go-Round Buffy and Dean work out their issues. (wc 3702)

7.5 Drabble: Sam Visits Anya Sam tries to get some info from Anya, but first, cookies. (wc ~500)

8: Poker Faces Buffy and Dean may have worked out their differences, but Sam and Xander are still worried about the secrets the other party holds. (wc 4783)

9: Stay the Night-Mares Buffy and Dean’s casual relationship hurtles toward something deeper as they discover more about each other. (wc4460)

10: Demons While everyone is busy researching the new monster in town, Buffy does some digging into Dean’s past. (wc 6853)

11: Friends with Benefits Dean mulls over his unexpected connection with Buffy while they fight an outside threat. (wc 4270)

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