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2 - Snakes

So these would either have been implanted/accidentally swallowed as eggs….. or mayyyybe a few hatchlings could slither in while Dash was sleeping (thinking like, while on a camping trip on a woodsy planet)…

How big his belly would be would depend on how big the snakes would get and how many there were… but for an InCube assignment it would probably be upwards of 8 specimens. He’d start out with just a little extra firmness, indistinguishable from like a post-buffet bloat – and then as the snakes feed and grow inside of him, he would slowly round out to a good “seven months pregnant” size. The shape of his swollen abdomen would be round for the most part, but any more than a cursory glance at it would reveal the shape changing slightly as the snakes overlap and gather in certain places before spreading out again.

Overall, Dash’s belly would feel dense and hard, the slow but strong movements of the hatchlings clearly palpable to any hand pressed against Dash’s skin. There would be an occasional low grumbling and squelching as one of the reptiles stirred up an air bubble. Due to the heaviness of all the snakes’ bone and muscle, Dash would need to keep an arm tucked against the underside of his gut if he wanted to stand upright.

(((Hey I’m doing this number ask game where you send me a creature and I describe the belly hehe.)))

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Do you know if zack de la rocha was a feminist??

Ahh, I like this question, anon :] The answer is yes! Absolutely yes. A couple of examples that come off the top of my head:

Rage Against the Machine is pro-choice. They supported Rock For Choice (created by L7) by playing at their benefit concerts and put RFC’s info inside their CDs, DVDs, concert programs, etc.

In a 1997 Rolling Stone article, he talked about Wu-Tang Clan’s misogynist lyrics saying: ”Straight up: There’s got to be a more creative way to express the tension that sometimes arises between men and women than to dehumanize a woman by calling her a bitch.” (x)

In Pistol Grip Pump by Volume 10, the lyrics are: “Whether brothers in the hood be chivalrous”. In Rage’s cover, Zack says: “The brothers in the hood, we chivalrous!” And he also changed ‘bitch’ to ‘sucka’. It might not seem like a big, important moment, but I’m glad he stood by his word in the previous quote up there ^^^

He asks the crowd: Is it moral to rob women of their right to choose over their own bodies?”

Zack talking about sexist behavior, particularly in hip hop: “Because of the colonial process that a lot of our people have gone through, we’ve been stripped away from our roots. For example, we don’t, for the most part, understand that we are people of the Nahuatl tribes, the old Aztec tribes, and our belief was in a god called Omecihuatl, which was a god of two genders, okay? And it was a god who realized the importance of Woman. Woman was the giver of life, we had that relationship, we worshiped her, and that’s something that’s lost sometimes in Rap music because of the nature of colonization and how it’s effected our minds, ya know, some of us are still enslaved by that sexist and oppressive thought that has been engrained within our minds because of the oppressive society under which we live. So ya know, I don’t back it. […] Sex sells, whether it is within music or other forms of media, and I think he (Ice Cube) is using that, and it’s unfortunately not a very intelligent approach, I feel. It’s not a humanistic approach that is necessary to evoke the consciousness in all people. Our women are, like I said, to our culture, by root, THE MOST important person within the community. I mean, they’re the givers of life.” (x)

In the live version of Year of tha Boomerang, performed at Cal State in 1994, Zack introduces the song by saying, “Some men dream of a patriarchal society,” explaining that L7, who took the stage previously, was their (pro-patriarchal society men’s) “worst nightmare.” This is a direct reference to the opening lines of the song, “Tha sistas are in, so check the front line,” denouncing oppression of women’s rights. (x)

On stage Zack would often stop shows if he saw men trying to take advantage of the women in the crowd. I’ve read stories from concert goers like this, and you can watch this video to see what I mean.

He would dedicate Fistful of Steel to women:

This one goes out to all the sisters in the place. To all the women who know who they are and aren’t afraid to speak out.’

To all the women in the place, this song’s for you.’

To all the strong, positive sisters in the house, this one’s for y'all.’

So yeah, he fucking rules! (I keep updating this list as I find more gnarly stuff he says/does.)

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MTs are not robots, and they’re disgusting, and I…

Yup, clones. It’s ridiculous how many times obsessing over this segment and watching if repeatedly it took for me to realize that yeah he’s a clone and not a robot (though there’s still probably some pretty gnarly robotic stuff in him, but that’s probably just my headcanon)

It’s a good headcanon… and not entirely unfounded.  I don’t think I noticed (or remembered, or was generally able to process through how upset I was during that entire chapter) the part of that one document that references ‘the augmenting of biological materials through cloning’… like, they weren’t just making regular humans, they were making augmented humans, whatever that means.  

The ‘muscle stimulants’ and ‘flesh fortifiers’ (that I DEFINITELY did not see before) seem to imply that they’re just like… super strong / super tough humans as a result of a drug regimen they’re probably administered their entire lives (aren’t MT like… really tall too?  could be a result of that), but the true facts are this game gives us so goddamn little detail about ANYTHING that it could pretty much mean whatever you want it to mean.  

Either way, we’re definitely approaching some real FFVII-level supersoldier bullshit.  OP mentioned parallels to Dirge of Cerberus which I’m gonna use as my in to talk about a headcanon of mine… that ‘augmented’ in this context might just mean ‘daemonic’ in nature (your average daemons being more powerful than your average humans).  So it may be that children born in the lab are given treatments of gross demon goo from a young age, if not even during prenatal development.  I’m un-subtly pulling from Jenova-cell injection procedures here.  There’s another document somewhere in the tower, though unfortunately I think not in the post, that mentions the darkness is just tiny micro-organisms, so there definitely is a physical aspect to it that can be used this way.

When it comes to the effects that the darkness can have on people, we know two things… 1) it can turn you into a daemon at any point after first exposure, as seen by the description of the vanishing plague in Niflheim that effected people who were not infected by the starscourge and presumably had not even come into direct contact with any concentrated daemon goo, but maybe just… went outside at night one time???  and 2) it does not always turn you into a daemon right away, as evidenced by the fact that 10 years later there are still humans around on Eos.

Knowing these things, and assuming that Prompto and all the other clones may have been infused with icky black goo stuff at some point in their early life / prior to birth (which, again, is the recipe for success where Jenova-enhanced soldiers are concerned), maybe as kind of a primer for becoming fully corrupted later, I like to think that Prompto is… basically constantly battling against turning into a daemon… and is already at the point at which he could become one at any moment.  It adds a layer of strength to his character (not that he isn’t strong and brave and wonderful already uwu) that I really like, especially when you take into consideration the ten year gap.




Like, I know this is straight up craziness, but how cool would it be if Prompto had essentially a last-gasp technique that kicks in when he’s close to death (and… you know… it’s Prompto… so that’s like… not all that uncommon) where that little bit of daemonicness in him just… takes over while he’s weak… or maybe even it’s that he lets it, to save his life.  I mean… if even one tiny bit of this headcanon is remotely plausible, it means that Prompto has been living with the darkness in him all his life… it’s not unreasonable to assume that he might have developed a limited degree of control over it in that time.  I’m not even gonna deny the fact that I’m self-indulgently channeling Vincent limit breaks with this but OP mentioned Dirge and my mind just kinda dove off a cliff with it.

But yeah, there’s definitely lots of room to think about what other things Prompto and the other MTs have got going on.  Your cyborgy thoughts fit just as well here too, especially considering that the final product MT’s clearly have some mechanical parts grafted into / onto them.  Just consider what a fuckin hassle it would be to have to perform manual repairs on every single one of your mass-produced battle-bots when they take damage.  Unless Niflheim ha an army of mechanics on call, it’s def not unreasonable to imagine that they might have outfitted their MTs with, idk, nanomachines or something inside them to do that kind of upkeep.  Something like that could even be injected into a still-fully-human baby at birth, so even if Prom did get out when he was only one it’s possible he’s got some robo-bits in him in the form of these and whatever they may or may not have done to his insides to spiff him up in the meantime.  Nanomachines would actually also explain how exactly it’s possible to ‘program’ and control the MTs… at first anyway.

So like… when I say the game is full of wasted potential, this falls right in with what I mean.  Given Prompto’s background, there’s so much cool stuff they could have done with him to make it more significant, or to, y’know, give even like an ounce of foreshadowing?  

Wow this got long.  And at this point you think I’d stop being surprised at myself when my posts run long.  Shout out to @domesticfluffsimulator for providing the inspiration though with her super awesome post that you all should definitely go read if you haven’t already.

CHRISTMAS with the #goodhaircrew

(Christmas morning with Cyrus, Andi and Buffy, they’re all opening gifts)
*Buffy*: Cyrus, this one is for you!
*Cyrus*: You know I’m jewish right?
*Buffy*: Just open it.
(Cyrus opens the gift and starts freaking out of happiness)
*Buffy*: That was meant for Andi.
*Cyrus*: Oh pshhh I knew that i was just being sarcastic you know like I’m chill I’m cool and gnarly like wild and stuff you know bro like it’s all cool i was just kidding and like yeah you know i don’t want this pshhhh shut up you know I’m just making fun of Andi just teasing her like a man you know I’m all -
*Andi* - You can keep it.

headcannon regarding hallucinations and TV transmissions

I had a thought the other night, after recalling what sadsukeuchiha pointed out about the distortions picked up by the camera during Blake’s hallucinations/waking sleep - the Murkoff logo is an unmistakable pattern. We know the radiowave pulse can knock out electronics, but we don’t know the extent of what it does or how much time Blake spends hallucinating/wandering while he’s under the influence; it could be a few seconds or it could be an hour….  Keep this in mind when I touch up on the engine.

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i’m already so in love with these puppies, so i decided to make a fic rec! 

  • we…a. are something. b. will be something. c. won’t get the chance to find out. by allisonmccalling - the plan was supposed to be full-proof. or at least, that’s what everyone had reassured liam after last night’s pack meeting. 
  • five times kissed by vengefulpoise - the first time is sixth grade, before the fights and misunderstandings and lest of all, the broken noses. 
  • been holding on too tight by haydenrdunbar - part of her is still stuck on the fact that werewolves even exist. 
  • hayden and liam prompt #2 by gabyintheskywithdiamondss - liam introducing hayden to the pack. 
  • howl when we’re apart by haydenrdunbar - oh, god, liam! she lets out a breath and feels a tear roll down her cheek. she doesn’t think she’s ever been so relieved to see him. 
  • death of me by maliasliams - liam realizes he likes hayden. 
  • hayden/liam prompt 1 by gabyintheskywithdiamondss - at sinema, liam and hayden end up locked in one of the stock rooms. 
  • oh, i should have by haydenrdunbar - “my sister got shot,” she says, and then meets his eyes again, eyebrows narrowing as if daring him to say something, or warning him not to. he honestly can’t tell. 
  • pack text by infinitestories98 - a collection of stories in text message form. 
  • breathtaking by avarosier - she’s come over readily enough, but the way she glares at him tells him she will gladly hex him just to feel joy. 
  • back at it by infinitestories98 - he didn’t understand when he started looking at her a different way, when he started to watch her as she moved. How her face gets into this serious mode when she is focus on a task or how when she smiled. all he know is that when he thinks of hayden romero he should not feel warm and happy. 
  • basement by bestiarystheory - hayden had heard a lot of gnarly stuff about this damn town, and the fact that she has bared witness these things was kind of surreal. 
  • long live this wild, wild love of ours by haydenrdunbar - "sometimes i can’t tell if she still hates me.“ "that’s all part of being in a relationship, kid.”
The Signs As TWEWY Characters
  • Aries: Neku
  • Taurus: Rhyme
  • Gemini: Joshua
  • Cancer: Shiki
  • Leo: Beat
  • Virgo: Mr. Hanekoma
  • Libra: That Little Kid Who Plays Tin Pin Slammer Too Much
  • Scorpio: Uzuki
  • Sagittarius: Sho
  • Capricorn: Konishi
  • Aquarius: Kariya
  • Pisces: That One Guy Who Says Things Like "Hot Stuff" and "GNARLY!!"

On June 16, 2013 I was lucky enough to meet Kesha, and till this day I am so thankful for it. My freshmen year of high school Tik Tok was realeased and blew up the radio and I fell in love with the song and had an instant obsession with her. I was always getting shit for liking Kesha, people would tell me she wasn’t talented and didn’t deserve to be famous and all this other crap. But I stuck to what I believed in and I am glad I did. On June 16, 2013, like I said I was lucky enough to meet her. Before the concert everybody who had purchased tickets to meet her was gathered in an area for an hour or two having drinks, talking and just waiting for the moment to meet her. Finally, everybody gathered up and got into 5 seperate lines each line was taken one at at time to where Kesha was at waiting to meet her animals. My line was the last to get taken and we were waiting by this wall and Kesha was waiting on the otherside. Time passed and I saw people walking after they met Kesha with the hugest smiles on their faces. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. And finally… I was next in line, it was my turn to meet Kesha. I turned the corner and I saw Kesha just waiting for me to walk to corner to greet me. The first thing she said to me was “Oh my God! I love your makeup!” and I began to cry, it just didn’t feel like real life. I am meeting somebody who I have looked up to for a huge part of my life. Somebody who would get me through the darkest/hardest times of my life, when I was in the biggest rut and wouldn’t ever get out out. Well she was complementing me, she told me she loved my makeup, and little did she know about everything she had done and had helped me through. While I was crying she was wiping the tears off my face telling me not to to cry because she didn’t want me to ruin my makeup. I began to tell her how much she meant to me and told her about some gnarly stuff that was going on with my brother and she was listening to it all. She cared about it all. She was talking to me for about 5 minutes when everybody was trying to rush her, but I was lucky enough to have 4 minutes longer than anybody else got. She told me to stay strong, she told me that I was on Earth for a purpose and to not let anybody tell me different. She pulled me in for a hug and told me she loved me. I couldn’t believe it. She said, okay now it’s time to pose for a picture. So we got this picture. When I walked away she said to believe in myself, and that everything is going to work out in the end. But I’m not done yet, my mom and dad were with me, and they got to meet her too, they got to talk to her too. The first thing Kesha said to my mom was “your son is going to be in my prayers.” Her and my mom were talking for about 5 minutes also telling her to stay strong and that everything would be okay. She posed for a picture with my parents and was cracking jokes with my dad. It was one of the happiest days of my life. We went back to the common area where people were having drinks and that’s when Kesha’s cousin came up to us and handed us something that Kesha wrote to my brother. It was a backstage pass that said “To John, Stay Strong. Love Ke$ha”. Now did she really have to do that? No. She did it out of the kindness of her heart. There are very few and in between celebrities that would ever do that. And Kesha is in fact one of them. Kesha is the kindest person and one of the most talented artists ever and I wish people would realize that. Even if you don’t like Kesha’s music I just want everybody to read this story and just realize how great of a person she is because she sure as hell is. She has made the bigggest impact on my life, before meeting her yes, but after meeting her even a bigger one. I see how see is with her animals and how much she appreciates us and how she doesn’t sell out to be somebody she’s not. She tells us to be ourselves and that’s exactly what she is doing. She is one of the best role models out there. And the reason why I am telling this story is because she gets so much shit for being a party girl, or having shitty music. But I just want people to know, that she is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. She appreciates every single one of her fans and she is just amazing. June 13, 2013 has changed my life and I am so happy I was able to meet her. I love you Kesha, thanks for being you. 

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I'm shadowing in the OR for the first time tomorrow, any tips for me?

Look up some videos on how to scrub in.

Take off all your jewelry and any fingernail polish.

Wear shoes and socks that can get blood on them.

Eat lots of fat and protein for breakfast.

Hide snacks somewhere.

Hydrate beforehand.

Pee before you go into the OR.

Respect the scrub techs and do not touch the Mayo tray unless explicitly given permission.

Get ready to see some gnarly stuff.

It might get smelly.

Don’t take anything personally. There might be some strong personalities and some bad manners.

Try to help before and after the surgery, don’t just stand there if you haven’t at least asked what you can do.

Hopefully there will be fun music.

Don’t lock your knees.

If you feel woozy it is ok to break scrub amd sit in the corner for a few minutes or go drink a ginger ale- it happens to everyone, the last thing they need is someone ACTUALLY fainting in the sterile field.

Don’t fuck with the pancreas.