gnarly hat

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Okay but what about McCree, Junkrat, and Pharah having to be all dressed up for some kind of fancy Overwatch event?

//Oh nonny you little tease.

- He knows he looks good.
- Cowman can’t stop looking at himself in ever reflective surface.
- He even takes off the hat and brushes his gnarly hat hair.
- Does that pose in every goddamn picture that is taken of him, you know the one, with the thumbs through his belt loops.
- Raises one eyebrow and does the flirty tongue clicking thing at ever attractive person he sees like a neRD.

- Oh no. The filthy Aussie is uncomfortable.
- It’s been so long since he’s spent any time not covered in ash and soot.
- It takes three people to get him in the bath and he is kicking and screaming the whole way.
- He actually has to stand up straight in his suit and everyone is surprised that he is actually tall.
- Junkrat is 6'5’’. Nobody knew this. Bad posture.
- He mutters angrily the whole night and is thrilled when he can finally take the bowtie off.
- Roadhog laughs at him and he launches a platter of fancy cheese in his general direction.

- Think about every red carpet event you’ve ever seen now multiply it by a thousand.
- Slinky dress, split up to the thigh, heels so high that she’s the most commanding presence in any room she walks into.
- Doesn’t smile for pictures. She knows she looks damn good. She’s still intimidating even out of her armour.
- Someone wolf whistles at her.
- Goddess Pharah is not pleased.
- The look she shoots them would probably melt steel if it could.
- Damn fine woman, Ms. Pharah.