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A prompt - Shane gets injured (up to you how badly) and Ryan FREAKS OUT, so Shane tries to comfort him even though he's the injured one and really, Ryan, it should be the other way around

A/N: s/o to @faequill and @crtypid for helping me figure out how Shane would get hurt lmao they the real MVPs

“Hey Ryan, what time is it?”

“Uh, it’s—“

“It’s ghost-hunting o’clock!”

Ryan let out a wheezing laugh, eyes crinkling. “Dude—“

“Time to hunt some ghosts. Better watch out, ghouls! Watch your backs!”

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emo revival starter pack

i’m doing this post for the homies. lately when i’m handed the aux chord i’ve been using it as an excuse to show my friends the sick revival thats going on right now. they’ve been diggin it as most of us filthy entitled millenials grew up in a time where your friend group was decided by whether you were Taking Back Sunday with a light dose of Brand New or Brand New with some TBS peppered in. i’ve been pretty stoked on it, but then again a recent breakup has had me unleashing the sad angsty middle school bastard i began my music obsession as. so ask your cousin to buy you a pack of Newports, preheat your hair straightener, and dont let Dad see you wearing your little sisters jeans cuz these are some of the more exciting releases to move your heartless ex out of your top 8 to.


Modern Baseball - You’re Gonna Miss It All (2014)

Emo / Pop Punk
FFO: Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Your Graduation, Pothole

Modern Baseball is definitely leading the charge, these guys got the most buzz in the revival right now and seem to be pulling people in. Clean nasally vocals, familiar slowed down pop punk d-beats, self deprecating break up lyrics that don’t seem to have a discernable rhyme scheme. IMO the number one dudes to dip your toes in with if you aren’t some purist twinkledaddy from Ohio that’s hellbent on making the genre a nightmare to talk about on the internet.

Sorority Noise - Forgettable (2014) + Joy, Departed (2015)

FFO: Say Anything, Brand New
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Blonde Hair, Black Lungs, Using

These dudes are pretty fun, instrumentally they’re clean, poppy, and upbeat but lyrically heavy as all hell. I can get behind nearly all their material and would definitely recommend listening to their albums front to back. Lightly peppered in raw screaming/angst which is left over from the members’ earlier screamo revival projects.

Joyce Manor - Self Titled (2011)

Punk / Pop Punk / Emo (fite me IRL)
FFO: Weezer, Jawbreaker
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Constant Headache

These dudes are on the more punk end of the spectrum, RAW AF. I was introduced to them by a Leftover Crack fan. Yeah. Hardcore af. she was dope. gnarly as hell but had a sweet taste in music. Anyways, its like Weezer didn’t sell out and then fucked a Jawbreaker that didn’t get made irrelevant by Sunny Day second wave grunge emo. Whiney as hell lyrics but a vocal style that’ll have your mom still telling you that it’d be really good if the vocalist just sang like he did in choir class.

Spraynard - Mable (2015)

Punk / Pop Punk / Post Hardcore / Emo (I SAID FITE ME D00D)
FFO: Saves The Day, Lifetime, Jawbreaker
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Applebee’s Bar, Buried

They aren’t the most popular but fuckin A do I love the shit out of them. My first time hearing them I was like, “god damn this is like some good ass Lifetime style shit” and what do you know, they on Jade Tree. For fucks sake this is what I’ve wanted my entire life. And yeah, they goin on the emo revival list cuz some of us don’t masturbate to American Football and remember a time when Jawbreaker and Planes Mistaken For Stars were wrist cutting 101. Spraynard racks up so many points in my book, raw as hell yell singing punk vocals, fast af drums, octave chords, and their name is fuckin Spraynard. Do you know who Spraynard is? Spraynard Kruger is a massive disappointment of a son that only deserves to get stung by bees.

Mom Jeans. - Best Buds (2016)

Emo / Twinkle Daddy / Andrew-McMahon-lookin-ass college rock
FFO: American Football, Cap'n Jazz, Taking Back Sunday
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Edward 40hands, Scott Pilgrim vs. My GPA

This one goes out to all you assholes on /r/emo that shit on me for sayin Where You Want To Be > Tell All Your Friends. The midwest fucked up emo, Orange amps are for hicks, and there’s only like 3 chord progressions that exist in FACGCE. That being said, HOLY HELL this is the most exciting release in the revival IMO. I mean this shit got released a month ago and I discovered it maybe last week. Rinsed it atleast 20 times since then. The whole album is fantastic front to back and i’m pretty convinced this is going to be one of, if not THE defining cult release of the revival. Its twinkly and country and twangy and midwest but these dudes from california so you get that beautiful dose of suburban white nasally angst the rest of the world loves in the genre. The drumming is absolutely incredible, the lead singer’s voice is obnoxiously whiney, and whoever’s on the cover looks like this dude i lived with in a squatter house that taught me you could score free little ceasars dumpster pizza at 10pm. jesus fuck this release is gorgeous though. I’m not too into Bob’s Burgers but given the sample from Edward 40hands (don’t play this game, i also learned in that same squatter house… wait, Connor is that you?) I’m pretty sure they’re named after one of Gene’s side projects.

Old Gray - An Autobiography (2013)

Emo / Screamo
FFO: I Hate Myself / Indian Summer / Circle Take The Square
dwolfy’s recommended quick hits: Wolves, My Life With You, My Life Without You

This is what you listen to when you’re in your second stage of grief. Angry and emotional as hell. This album has solidified itself in my hall of fame. Its urgent, angsty, and an exercise in the sting of loss. The type of shit you fall on knees pretending your 6 month girlfriend breaking up with you is a Darren Aronofsky film to. Instrumentally its disgustingly heartbreaking, the arrangement is perfect, vocally its raw as hell fueled with emo poetry thatd make your face red if anybody caught you listening to it. Wolves is the opening track and My Life the closing track. This is also an old project of the members of Sorority Noise. If your feels are too reals, this is your outlet.

So friends, now that you’re aware of the dope emo revival going on you are free to tell me why none of this is emo, how my taste in music sucks, fight me over the blurred lines between post hardcore, emo and pop punk, and pretend that the new American Football record is going to be anything but disappointing.