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Sleepover Saturday, woo! Take either a super good selfie or a really bad one. Or whatever kind of selfie you want. Okay, and since I was watching a terrible sci fi movie, Sharktopus or Pteracuda?

Okie doke friendo, in honor of Sleepover saturday here is a sleepover selfie

I don’t take selfies I write tragedies

AS for Terrible Sci-Fi movies, I have seen neither of those films, but thats okay because I’m going to base my decision on the fairest, most truest form of decision making ever. Cold hard facts

On one side of the ring we have Sharktopus, the infamous classic. Sharktopus is not only shark, but also octopus. Sharks get a bad rep, they only kill about 4 people every year, however something most people do not put into account is the octopus in the Sharktopus equation, Octopi kill an astonishing uncounted number people every year, I know this because I am a man wearing pajamas, trust me I know what I’m saying. Pretty much what I’m saying is that Octopi are fucking vicious creatures, so it can only be assumed that Sharktopus shares the same bloodlust as its octopus ancestor, meaning this creature is a vicious murder machine equiped with 8 tentacles and 3 rows of razor sharp teeth. To top it all off, this guy can traverse land, you are not safe no matter where you are.

On the opposing side of the ring we have the underdog, Pteracuda, now my knowledge on Pterodactyls and barracudas is nowhere near as extensive as my knowledge for sharks and octopi, but that’s not saying much because I have absolutely no knowledge on both. First of all there’s no such thing as a pterodactyl, rather, the correct name for this creature is “pterosaur”, most reputable palentologists call focus on individual pterosaur genera(Pteranodon, pterodactylus, etc) These adorable little creatures lacked teeth, so the most you can expect them to do by themselves is peck at you really really hard. Trust me I’m reading an article on, I’m sure they know their stuff. Cause I don’t. However, on the other hand, you have the barracuda, now the barracuda is a tricky little devil, I’m not talking about the classic single “Barracuda” by hit band Heart, I’m talking about the 2.1 meter long fish with lots of razor sharp teeth and…a 2.1 meter long body. I just watched a youtube video of one attacking a guy and it was vicious actually, quite scary, it just NYOOM, WENT AT THAT GUY, it was scary, yeah, I totally underestimated barracudas, they scary as hell. 

I’m gonna go with Pteracuda, or rather, “Pteracudasaur”

Thanks for the ask, I learned a lot about pterosaurs

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Yellow and white

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

  1. I had really long hair, and never wanted to get it cut
  2. I got mistaken as a girl a lot, and I always got mad.
  3. There was a time when I thought I owned anything green.
  4. One time in 2nd grade, it was dress up as an old person day, and my mom went all out. She dyed my hair gray, drew wrinkles on my face, and gave me some very old person-y clothes. When I went into the classroom, everyone started laughing, and then I cried, and then the assistant teacher had to explain the concept of comedy to me. I don’t remember if I cheered up or not.
  5. I was very chubby when I was little.
  6. Holy shit I had a huge ass gap in my teeth. I’m not even joking you could fit 2 nickels in there.
  7. I would shut myself in a lot and play with my Star Wars toys. I had a lot of these stories I would leave off at, and pick back up again, and every one of my Clone Troopers had names, and personalities. 
  • BONUS: Here’s me as a little un’

White:3 facts about my personality

  1. Some days I want to ride my bike for 10 miles, and others I binge watch shows on netflix for 5 hours.
  2. I never say no to adventure, unless it costs money, then it’s a maybe.
  3. I want to be a firefighter, part of the reason why is because I wanna be on those hottie calendars