gnarled vine

“I don’t think I was meant for Earth,”


“Because Earth is all blood,
It’s all water and soaked rags and bruises and battered knuckles,
It’s all heavy-fists and short-lived loves and lights burning out too quick.”


“Kind. I thought Earth would be soft,
Soft like the clouds we soared through,
Smelling sweet like nectar and ambrosia and perfumes,
The dirt as light as pillows ‘neath my feet,
But all has turned to clay and all has become cold.”


“Because Father loved this Earth
With it’s harsh words and ill-fated people,
With the grounds growing poisonous fruit and vines gnarled around fences,
But I don’t know if I love this Earth.”


“I know this, and I am scared for them.
They do not love. Not like we do.”


—  “i want to know that love again” C.E.F.

A/N: Original stuff from me, which means you can skip it, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Written for a friend who’s an english teacher. So I guess this is my english homework?! QQ. Lemme know what y’all think.

Long Roads

Prompt: The child has asked something simple but profound. Something is exchanged between them, but the meaning is only really apparent to the reader.


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   If the humans had allowed Toriel and, by extension, all of monsterkind to live in peace, it would have been perfectly fine. All she had dreamed of was a quiet family life. Even as Queen, she could have been afforded that.
    Instead, the humans turned on them, and a fierce war ensued. Peace. Love. Compassion. None of these words were worth the breath to speak them. Instead, the breath was used to utter magic incantations, to set the fields aflame. The peaceful queen, stung by betrayal, became angry, violent, and hate-filled. But despite the power that came with her anger, Toriel still conceded defeat, and monsterkind was banished into the Underground, where she and her husband, Asgore, continued to rule.
    The wounds of war, physical, mental, and emotional, remained fresh, as fresh as the memory of the war itself in Toriel’s mind. It was only after the birth of her son, Asriel, that they began to scar over and the pain began to subside. Everything she felt she had lost - peace, love, and compassion - began to well up within her again. While Asgore tended the plantlife in and around their home, Toriel would ‘cook’ by putting her fiery magic to a more practical use. Yes, her home had been lost. But perhaps, she could have created a new Home, safe from the humans of the Surface, and a place where her son would have no fear of war.
    But one day, a human child appeared in the Underground.
    Though initially apprehensive, Toriel welcomed the human child into the family. She raised Asriel and Chara together. Though she would not put the immense pressure on her new child, she hoped, with all that she was, that Chara might someday bridge the gap between humans and monsters, to one day help them leave the Underground and return to the Surface.
    Then everything came crashing down.
    Chara grew ill and passed away and Asriel was killed by the humans when he returned Chara’s body to the surface. Toriel fell into a deep depression following the deaths of her children, but there was a rage bubbling just beneath the surface. That rage boiled over, superseding the sadness, when the Royal Scientist revealed Chara’s plot from the video tapes in his lab.
    The string of yet another betrayal cut open all of the old wounds that had taken so long to scar over. Toriel became cold and distant, even to her husband and her most loyal subjects. She issued a proclamation: any human that would fall down into the Underground was to be killed on sight, and their SOULs were to be brought to her. Once seven of them had been collected, she would break the barrier and wipe out humanity for once and for all.
    Asgore was utterly despaired at this declaration. Unwilling to go along the path of war and unwilling confront Toriel directly. He thrust his spear through his will to–

–shattering the spear into two, and embedded the tip in the throne room floor. Toriel angrily rebuked him and cast him out. He was way ahead of her, fleeing the Capital immediately.
    With Asgore gone, the plant life in the castle withered and dried up. Gnarled, thorned vines that once were home to roses and various other flowers curl around her home’s exterior and interior. She refuses to see anyone save for W.D. Gaster, and even then, her intention is clear - he is to retrieve those SOULs, no matter the cost.
    All Toriel had dreamed of was a quiet family life.
    Now, she will not give the humans the chance to destroy that dream for a third time.
Swamp Strega Pinterest Board

Swamp Strega-

Colour Scheme:

-Faded Greens and Browns

-Metallics- Bronze, Tarnished Silver, Dull Iron (mainly in jewelry)

-Cool greys, and slightly faded Blacks, Charcoal colours

-Bright emeralds for a pop of jewel tone (in makeup or in garment)

-Rusty reds, or reddish browns

-Creme or eggshell accents instead of pure white

Clothing and Accessories:

-Shorter dresses with lots of lightweight “tatter-y” layers over them

-Crocheted, and distressed  vests and coverlets

-Old lace shawls

-Cowl neck hoods, or lightweight infinity scarves (to protect your face from sun and the ever pervasive mosquito population)

-Ripped up tights (can be layered over each other)

-Chunky, durable boots for walking in marshy areas, or if weather turns colder, strappy sandals and/or mary janes for walking around town.

-Crystal Point Pendants, “Mixed Media” Jewelry (see pinterest for examples), Bone Jewelry, Wood and Natural Object jewelry, leather

-Simple Drapery that has a focus on creating an erratic and asymmetrical hem line

Inspirational things:

-Vulture Culture

-Odd Antiques

-Tattered Lace and Fabrics

-Marshland, Wetlands, Swamps


-Old gnarled trees

-Folk Magic

-Palmistry, Tarot, a general sense of the Southern Occult


-Animal Bones

-Alligators, Pythons, other swamp dwelling reptiles

-Delta Rae

-Earth and Water Magic

So this is what I came up with today, Swamp Strega. Ironically enough, a cold front just blew through my area, but I was still feeling rather inspired, and was tired of seeing pages upon pages of Tia Dalma whenever I searched for “Swamp Witch”.  Feel free to leave me comments, or questions, my inbox is always open!


Friend: Yo, you should try poetry and post it!

Me: Alright! *Creates poem about Tokyo Ghoul character, Torso*

When planter devours the earth

Of which had borne his precious fruit,

Despite influx of Springtime’s mirth

A twisted heart shall take its root.

Of many flowers bright in hue

Grown fragrant under the bright sun

In summer, great love for she grew

A new understanding begun.

When beautiful things wilt away

A twisted form, scarred and bare

Showed to me the game we play.

Fall’s great dying with no care.

Clinging to the stench of decay

My love and name; A marred Torso

A gnarled vine shall spirit ‘way

Stain’d red is Winters fine gesso.

A hidden flower in the spring

Unmoving for my heart’s sake

A new life I pray it shall bring

It’s lovely petals I do break.

A sight to behold just for you!

My loneliness shall be no more,

Our eyes the same, you who I adore!

It is our proof, my love is tr-

anonymous asked:

Despite the plant infection removed by the doctor there are still even more of those flowers growth about,even large portions of the woods have been 'infeste'd by the strange gnarled vines choking the trees entangling the remains of other host.Even just from good distance alone the air seemed 'filled' with strange particles,probably best avoid less one had facial and body protection. What made it worst was the vines were attempting to get closer to ensnare anyone who got to close & take them.

Willow had actually managed to keep her area relatively clear of the parasitic growths. She burned so much around her that there was next to no trace of the strange flowers within a mile of her camp, and all the normal plant growth was relatively new.

Odd Divination Techniques by the Flights

EARTH - Mudwalking
Mud is prepared from a special, fine dirt and clean water. Several divinating items like runes and stone-wrought symbols are mixed into the mud, along with some of the subject’s small personal effects. The mud is ideally spread into a shallow, wide basin, but spreading it on the ground is suitable if no such thing is available. The subject simply walks through the mud. A diviner will determine meaning from the ceremony based on foot print shapes and which items were tread upon. If an item adheres to the dragon’s foot throughout the walk, the importance of the divined meaning is magnified significantly.

FIRE - Ashwatch
Performed only when divinatory guidance is most crucial, an Ashwatch requires the subject to surrender an item most beloved. To surrender anything less may result in ill omens that give little useful information. The item is burned for a few hours before the real divination begins. Once thoroughly burned, the sacrificed item is left in a place exposed to the elements for seven days. The diviner is tasked with inspecting the item several times a day and noting changes in the item’s form- char patterns on the remnants, crumbled pieces falling off, or if it is nothing more than a pile of ashes, the size and shape of the ash pile. The diviner uses the process of the item’s destruction to determine the ultimate message.

WIND - Ribbonflight
A technique best performed in groups and often set up in times of celebration. Each participate writes their name or an identifying symbol on a very small strip of parchment and ties it to a long ribbon. Ribbons are often colored or styled to match the purpose of the divination- one hoping for insight on their love life would use a red ribbon, one seeking warnings of future dangers would use yellow, etc. Participants gather above the most suitable thicket of bamboo and release the ribbons together. Diviners interpret fortunes based on where the ribbons end up and how they get tangled on things. This task can take hours depending on how far the ribbons flew and how many participants there are. It is considered good fortune to lose your ribbon entirely - it means no fortune is needed, carry on as you were and all will be fine!

WATER - Halved Pearl
Though Water may be the flight most relevant to the topic of divination and oracles, not all of their techniques are exceptional. This technique requires the cultivation of a pearl from any kind of giant shelled mollusk. A piece of the subject, such as a scale or lock of hair, is planted in the mollusk to act as the pearl’s nucleus. The subject must be the one to care for the mollusk over the years it may take to produce a sizable pearl, or the reading will be considered invalid. When ready, the pearl is cut in half and the diviner reads a fortune based on the patterns of the pearl’s interior. It is not at all an efficient technique, but most suitable for divination that examine the subject’s past. Pearlcatchers widely believe it to be a tasteless and offensive ritual.

SHADOW - Shadow Stabbing
Diviners of this technique must also be proficient in higher forms of shadow magic - specifically illusions, occasionally dream walking. Having defensive spells help, for reasons that will become apparent. The diviner surrounds the subject in various kinds of illusions, often styled with layers of symbolism. The first illusion to be confronted by the subject will determine quite a lot about their fortune. The diviner must observe the subject’s response to each illusion while maintaining the spell. This technique was first used to divine weaknesses, fears, and other very dire topics. As such, the illusions involved were often very frightful and the subject would respond with violence towards the source of them. On top of the imagery, this technique is best performed when the subject is not expecting it, to get their raw reactions. As such, surprise divination are the norm. It is not uncommon for pranksters to solicit these divination on behalf of their victim.

ICE - Isolation Drift
Isolation Drifts are more self reflection among the elements than a divination in the traditional sense. The subject is given meager rations and set adrift on a small ice floe, then pushed out into the open sea. This is solely performed in areas where currents will eventually bring the floe back towards the main land, as rescue teams are not sent to retrieve drifters at the end of their isolation. While in isolation, drifters meditate over the topic they seek insight on and focus on any images they see in the icy mists or rimed waters. Drinking the icy sea water was thought to aid in these insights, but less desperate subjects will forgo it. Upon return, the subject is often ill or emaciated. The diviner will nurse them back to health while helping the subject interpret thoughts and visions that appeared during the isolation.

LIGHTNING - Statistics
Among utilitarian clans, divination would often be a subject to be scoffed at at best, disparaged at worst. Those with interest in the topic had to find ways of working their craft in a way that looked and sounded based in data and reason rather than mysticism. Set ups for divination rituals are posed as experiments, often of a social or psychological angle. While no doubt there were a few Lightning “Diviners” who would take a genuine analytical approach to these practices, for many the “statistics” are just a facade. The actual rituals and divinations are fairly simple, along the lines of “So you found the blue rod to be a better conductor? Of the 23% of dragons that thought similarly, did you know that most were also suitable candidates for clan leadership?”

LIGHT - Glass Shattering
A technique developed by an enterprising glazier, Glass Shattering is a very simple technique in which the subject breaks colored sheets of glass in any way they see fit. The diviner interprets a fortune based on shapes of the largest pieces. To encourage fate to smile upon the subject, the subject was to determine a design for a stained glass panel to be crafted from the glass pieces - by the glazier, at a price. Installing the panel in a window and basking under its filtered sunlight was said to bring good fortune. While many write this technique off as touristy, surprisingly few complaints have been lodged against the creator for falsehood or misdirection.

NATURE - Vein Tracing
A simple technique that can be performed without any formal knowledge or training in divination. It is most often used to help the subject make a decision among many possibilities. A leaf is all that is required, though parchment, ink, and an assistant aid the process. Segments of the leaf are designated to specific outcomes or meanings. There is a general meaning for some leaves (The tip of an oak leaf generally implies truth, or the lower left side of a sunflower leaf implies humility, for example,) but a subject (or ideally their assistant) may assign any meaning to any portion of the leaf. Parchment can be used to write these assignments, which helps if the choosing is complex. The subject then traces from the stem of the leaf, following the veins until the edge of the leaf is reached (and thus, reaching the meaning or conclusion of the divination.)

PLAGUE - Vein Tracing
A twin divination technique for sister flights. Vein Tracing functions almost identically but uses a different vector - blood veins, twisting scars, possibly even the gnarling, twisting vines found among the Rotrock Rim. A more dire version of this uses the blood of the subject. When the blood is poured over a special carved slate, the blood forms rivulets that slowly wind to a random segment of the board. Diviners who use their own blood veins often scar or tattoo symbols where the veins fade from visibility. Subjects can simply trace over their veiny body to learn their fortunes. 

ARCANE- Questing
An arcane divination quest is part introspective journey, part interpreted symbolism. The diviner prepares an arcane crystal and sends it off into Starfall Isles, streaking off like a shooting star. The subject is to travel in the direction it fell and find it. The diviner always accompanies them, but does not aid in locating their shard. Along the way, the diviner will provide analysis of any happenings that occur and note any interesting symbolism they discover along the way. The site of the crystal is most rich with symbolism- Upon finding it, the diviner will speak at great length about each little detail of the location and what it means for the subject’s fortune. It is an ill omen for both the subject and the diviner if the crystal is not located. 

Try Again to Get it Right, Part 6

Dinner and dancing - of a kind.  Minor Percy/Vex. Post Episode 63.

Somewhat less edited than usual. My apologies.

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Dinner began with the usual pleasantries regarding the Briarwood’s journey – which Percy couldn’t care less about - and the food – which had no taste at all to him. Fortunately it wasn’t on him to carry the conversation along; Vesper and Mother were doing the lion’s share of that, with Julius interjecting every so often about the trade treaty. It was almost a surprise when they brought up the bridge.

Honestly Percy was a little impressed with their audacity, spinning out this fictional bridge for his parents and then using the same story five years later to prey on Uriel. It helped that the bridge wasn’t actually a bad idea. Something to think about when the conclave had been defeated, provided they lived through dinner.

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