Så kører vi igen 😉 #DODO #GNAGS #sårullerfesten #fredagsrockibyparken (her: Byparken)


I can’t wait to have kids, They’re gonna be so rad. I’ll pack fat caps in there lunch box for after school activities. Teach ‘em to slap a hoe, how to chug a 40 oz. They’ll be in a gang by the time there 7, and anytime they get in trouble.. I’ll blame it on the government.


#GNAGS #Esbjerg (her: Esbjerg Rock Festival)

Near Future Crime Syndicates:

I created all these names for dark sci-fi thriller/cyberpunk-esque gangs in the future.  I need to pick one for the short film I’m writing.  Let me know which one you like best! Peace.

  • The Rings of Rhadamanthus (*Rhadamanthus was one of the judges of the underworld in greek mythology, who judged  asians)
  • The Mazarahn Order
  • 15 Belgrade (*Belgrade is the capital of Serbia)
  • The Fabrication Committee
  • Harbingers of Jia
  • The Syndicate of Bo Han
  • Maddux Mob (*Maddux is a legit street in a dodgy neighborhood in San Francisco)
  • Milano Initiative
  • Verlandy’s Union
  • The Sorbin Coalition

DEF DANCE Students, K-POP Cover Dance Video
4MINUTE(포미닛) “미쳐(Crazy)”

Recording Date : 2015.3
Shooting Place : DEF DANCE SKOOL Gu-Ro Digital Studio

DEF Students (Korea Dance School)
Gnag Soyeon