A few things:

(1) Since when did Maya “want to be Riley?” I mean yeah, she has that brief moment of “Riley Matthews is the best person I can be” in GMYB, but by the end she whips off the wig and very, very clearly does NOT want to “be Riley” anymore. Even during the whole “you turned into me!” thing leading up to the Ski Lodge episodes, it’s made pretty clear that Maya never actively set out to “become Riley.” This tall tale has to be twisted soooo many times before it morphs into something that “solves” the triangle. And while yeah, it ends the holding pattern and solves things in that sense…in no way has anyone actually resolved their feelings, because they’ve pretty much never talked about them.

(2) Y'all all caught how Maya essentially says that she “became Riley”/“wanted to be her” AFTER they started high school, right? So if Maya’s saying she “became Riley” after high school started…then how exactly does that explain away the events of eighth grade? 👀

(3) Also notable is how Riley kicks the conversation off with what Josh just planted in her head: “what are you protecting me from?!” Maya tries to answer Riley’s questions and her answer is essentially, “we started high school and I needed to make sure what you were feeling because I can’t just ask you because you don’t even know what you’re feeling and what if Lucas isn’t good enough for you?” (And since when has Maya ever questioned whether Lucas was “good enough” for Riley? Did his piss-poor treatment of Riley in GMHS give Maya concerns on that front, so she “became Riley” to test him after that? Or is this just an explanation Maya’s coming up with on the fly because none of the others have stuck? 🤔)

I don’t think I even need to catalog the ways this ever-morphing “explanation” doesn’t work at this point. And here’s the thing about it, you can believe that…

(A) It’s just plain bad writing, or…

(B) It’s written the way it is because you’re meant to think critically about the things these poor confused kids are saying and whether or not their words actually match up with the story so far. And when you recognize that, nope, it doesn’t add up, you’re meant to wonder once again “wait, what’s REALLY going on here?” and then try to figure it out. There’s a reason we’ve had so many episodes over the course of the series about what things look like on the surface vs what’s really going on when you dig deeper, folks.

Obviously I’m in the (B) camp, but everyone else’s mileage may vary.

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Thoughts on Nina's boot theory?

Cory GAVE Topanga that jean jacket after they exchanged legit “I love yous.” (He was pissed and wanted it back before, but after Topanga said she loved him too, he tossed it back to her.) Riley swiped the boot. Lucas didn’t even know she still had it, apparently, and he wanted it back. She refused. The two items are not comparable at all.

The boot was VERY CLEARLY related to childhood things that Riley will eventually have to let go of. It is a symbol of a 12 year-old girl’s silly manic crush behavior, not symbol of a real, mature romance. It was not a token of affection, freely given. It’s something she stole and refused to return when asked. She’s let go of the bear (partly because she HAD to)…the boot and the childish “love” she feels for Lucas is probably next.

If people want to argue that Riley letting go of her childish notions of romance with Lucas will lead to a more mature connection between the two of them, okay. There’s certainly still some wiggle room to make that argument. But overall I think it’s pretty clear that’s not going to happen. When Riley finally lets go of that boot, she’s *most likely* going to realize that what she THOUGHT she and Lucas were supposed to be and what she THINKS she felt are not the reality of either. This isn’t a show about finding your true love in seventh grade and holding on forever as you grow. That was BMW. This is GMW. Romance arcs-wise, GMW is a show about faulty perceptions of love vs the reality of it. It’s not a coincidence or an accident that lessons about perception have kicked back in post-Ski Lodge even though they went kinda dormant for a while after GMYB.

And frankly, Lucas “replacing” the bear is just a step on the way to Riley letting go of him as well, more than likely. Teddy Bears represent a false sense of security for children when their parents cannot be with them, not REAL safety.

Plus, the show is barely being subtle (basically not at all subtle, really) about the whole “sugar wrapped up all pretty” thing when it comes to those two anymore…

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this is a real question, what's so good about lucaya? all they do is tease each other and lucas made fun of mayas life in yearbook. And there's no chance of lucaya happening?

Short list: Lucas helps inspire Maya to believe in things without pushing too hard (Creativity, Belief), Maya accepts Lucas for who he is without idealizing/conceptualizing him (SoL, Texas). People who think “all they’ve ever done is tease each other” are willfully ignoring quite a lot of the show, and at this point I’m tired of making long-ass lists of what you’ve ignored or forgotten just to fill in your selective Swiss-cheesed memories. WATCH THE SHOW, ALREADY. It’s on Netflix. It’s super easy to do. 👍

Lucas didn’t “make fun” of Maya in GM Yearbook. I legit don’t understand how people think that was intended as mockery. Lucas was standing there waxing on about how great Maya’s life was (because he was so bloody focused on trying to get HER back specifically) but then he corrected himself because he’d been painting it unrealistically and a little too sunshiney. Literally just…WATCH THE SCENE. The dude realized he’d stuck his foot in his mouth almost IMMEDIATELY, and it wasn’t a situation where he was going “ha ha Maya, your life sucks!” because he thought it would be funny to do so (a la Riley and Cory), it was a situation where he was like “your life is super great! Well, actually I’m wrong it’s not all great, this part could be better,” but he completely tripped over his words and it came out awful. Was it insensitive? YES. Did it hurt Maya’s feelings? Obviously. But it CLEARLY wasn’t intended as mockery or a jab in the vein of Riley and Cory, and you have to squint REAL hard to twist it into that.

Also? GMYB is literally the ONE AND ONLY time Lucas has ever even come CLOSE to “making fun of Maya’s life,” and even then that’s not really what he did. That moment aside, he’s never, ever made a comment like that and he’s NEVER taken shots at Maya’s life for kicks the way other people do. He’s actually been more sensitive about that stuff than any of her other friends, overall. Since season one.

Anyhow, judging by the entire series so far (ya know, big picture) and what I’ve seen/know of the rest of S3, then as long as there’s a season four I’d say Lucas and Maya have a very good chance of getting a truly free & clear shot, finally. And tbqh I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it involves some kind of a kick start from Riley again, only this time she’s ACTUALLY got her feelings sorted instead of trying to just slap a new label on things without ever actually figuring it out. (Just a kick start though, because we’ve already seen that Maya and Lucas will take it on their own from there as long as the door is truly open.)

You may choose to believe Ski Lodge 2 was the only episode of GMW ever and the preceding 50+ episode’s worth of story are somehow magically irrelevant now, but I’m just not coming with you on that, anon. Sorry.

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Rewatching GMYB, and Lucas says "if you let someone say who you are, then you really won't be who you are who and if you do, you certainly won't end up who you were meant to be" and if that doesn't scream Triangle, I dunno what does.


There’s also a great Feeny quote on the matter, something to the effect of, “if you let other people’s perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never become who you are.” I forget the precise wording at the moment.

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Does lucaya being seen as class couple have anything to do with perception vs reality? A lot of rilucas shippers make that case.

It does, but not in the way they think. What they’re forgetting is that prior to GMYB, the perception of the majority of actual audience was that Riley and Lucas were THE COUPLE, the “new Cory and Topanga.” Yearbook is the first episode which makes it undeniably clear they may not be—even though the show had most people thinking of it that way.

Nods to perception and not believing what you see on the surface (etc) stop dead after GMYB as Lucaya (and Riarkle a little bit too) moves into the foreground. But interestingly enough, themes of faulty perception vs reality have come back again in the post-Ski Lodge era. (Most notably in Riley and Lucas’s first scene 100% alone ever.)

The point of the perception stuff in Yearbook was about how (most of) the audience’s perception up to that point had been narrow, and they’d missed or dismissed what was going on right under their (our) noses. The Yearbook page + favorite couple photo points you directly back to Crazy Hat, which contained a major plotline about how you can see what’s going on quietly in the background (behind what’s obvious) if you just LOOK. (It also directs you back to Rules and Mr. Squirrels, and even directly calls out that glimpse we got into Lucas’s head in Rules.)

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watching clips from gm upstate really showed how riley is always up to jump into every single nonsensical and irrational solutions to the triangle and all of them favors her

Yep. She’s all about the “Jexica”-style solution vs the “let’s all three sit down together to talk and be honest about exactly HOW we feel” solution. Did you notice how she used the past-tense of “liked” in Upstate even though Maya has yet to actually *agree* with or acquiesce to Riley’s pushy attempts to wholly invalidate her feelings? Yikes. 😔

It’s just such a HUGE contrast with how much Maya avoided influencing Riley when she was confused about Lucas last year, even when Riley begged her to do so…and yeah, Riley may have overheard Maya in GMYB, but the fact is beyond that Maya made NO ATTEMPT to invalidate Riley’s feelings because by then she knew she had a vested interest in the outcome. Whereas with this arc, we have a Riley who knows she has a vested interest in the outcome pushing any and every ludicrous notion she can think of to erase Maya’s feelings—the brother thing was at least *plausible*, even if it turned out that’s not how Riley thinks she feels. (And as I’ve said before, Maya does not actually cave to this “you don’t really feel how you feel” pressure until she’s been emotionally regressed and a particular person behaving a particular way presents an “explanation” even MORE absurd than the ones Riley’s presented so far.)

Riley’s insecurities are kinda running the show right now, tbh. She’s desperate to “fix” this thing in any way she can that benefits herself (and as with the Jexica solution she’s not even acknowledging Maya, really), but I don’t think she realizes what she’s doing and how selfish she’s being in that regard compared to Maya who actively avoided doing that to Riley. Now: Riley’s not some manipulative evil witch and this isn’t Gossip Girl, this is classic “Riley thinks she knows everything even though she hasn’t been listening and she’s clomping off down the road to ‘fix’ everything with a pocket full of good intentions and suitcase full of bad assumptions.” It’s step C, pretty much.

Yes, Riley genuinely wants to help “fix” Maya thanks to her “you turned into me!” misdiagnosis—perhaps OVERdiagnosis would be more apt, but that’s another post—but, (as established in GM Jexica) she’s ALSO chomping at the bit to solve the triangle any old insane way which benefits herself. She attempts to invalidate Maya’s emotions with any old irrational thing she can think of because she’s just not ready to deal with this situation like a big kid. Of course, Riley thinks she’s helping here as far as the “you don’t really feel how you feel” stuff goes…but really all she’s doing is messing with Maya’s head—and it’s sad because we already saw how Maya had the integrity NOT to do that to Riley. 😔 (And of course this is why Maya has to take the growth-hit from a narrative standpoint if their friendship was going to survive.)

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I read some GMWOT3 spoilers and it really seems like they're building Rucas and Smarkle up to be end game.. :/ Wouldn't there be more Riarkle and Lucaya in the recent episodes it that is what they are going for?

Psssst. It was a “HalloweenWorld where everything is different.” 😂

Some things are the same in every universe, of course, but not in the way most people will assume.

And yeah, Lucaya and Riarkle are back to being background and subtle, but don’t you remember the episode that launched us into the non-triangle arc and what’s to follow? “Who we were has to affect who we are.” Pretending the rest of the show prior to (highly telephone-gamed) Ski Lodge 2 spoilers never happened ain’t a good idea if you want to follow what’s really going on now.

Also: do people not remember how Rilucas was basically nonexistent between Semi-Formal and Texas? (Meanwhile Lucaya and Riarkle?) And how Rilucas barely existed after GM SoL aside from Riley’s freakout in GMYB? This is just a flipped around version of that, tbh.

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Favorite riarkle moment?

GMPR convo. GM Flaws hug. GM STEM staredown. GMHS1 confrontation. GM GLONY hug. Farkle showing up because he “knew this would happen” in GMYB.

Yeah, I can’t pick just one. The level of legit emotional substance and understanding between Riley and Farkle is like an all-you-can-eat buffet compared to any other pairing on the show, tbh.

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Do you think GMTOS will permanently change Riley's character like Farkle was changed in GMYB?

I think it’s the start of that journey for her, yeah.

I kinda feel like Maya had to learn some things about her good/bad parts before Riley could learn to deal with hers. Can you imagine Riley embracing her bad side with S1 Maya by her side instead of S3 Maya?


The universe (aka the writers’ room 😂) knows what it’s doing.