I can’t take good selfies so just have this mirror thing from my instagram story! 😅

Ok, so, hey! My name is Lena, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Germany! 😊
I’m not new to penpalling but I took a break from it/got out of it for a while and lost contact to most of my penpals… so now I’m looking for some new penpals!! (I’ll also write to some old ones just not sure if they still want to reply 🙈).

As you can see I babble way too much and I can’t really be brief… I’d love to write long letters and/or pretty ones full of art, pictures, poems (if you write them, I don’t, only stories), cute gifts/stationery, sweets, receipts, … 😊✨
If you’re not keen on all that artsy stuff that’s fine with me as well, the content matters after all! I don’t really have a “perfect penpal”. Of course it’s always nice to have similar interests but why not get to know someone really opposite of you? Just contact me if you’re interested, I’ll continue with some info about me so you have an idea of who I am! 🌻

I speak English and German (and Latin but you can’t really speak that) and I’d love to help people with their German! We could also skype for that or so that I could practice speaking English 😅 but I’d have to get reaaally comfortable with you for that^^’ One day I also want to learn Spanish… but that’s not gonna happen due to my procrastination skills 😂
I love travelling and I’ve been to some cool countries actually I’m proud of that haha but my list is still going on!! ✈
In general I like going out into nature! Other hobbies are reading, drawing, writing sometimes, the occasional watching tv series/movies and sometimes even anime (not really into anime anymore but who knows). I also used to cosplay, might get back into it and I enjoy all kinds of creative hobbies 😊I also love photography and I’d be happy to send you some pictures and also receive some from you (also postcards! ♥) 📷
Music is a pretty big part of my life too! My favorite band is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers ♥ I recently discovered Kaleo, I’m listening to Seether a lot atm, I enjoy some songs by Die Antwoord and I’ve been long fascinated by Rammstein… soo my taste in music is all over the place and I’d love to get recommendations from you! 😊
I’m vegetarian trying to go vegan 🌱 it would be cool to swap receipts with other veggies but not a must!!
I also love cats 🐱

Ok, ok, I’ll stop here or else I won’t have anything to write in my letters! 😅I don’t care about your gender, age, religion, race, sexuality (I’m more gay than bi but definitely somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum 🌈) etc.
I just want to get to know some of you and finally write letters again!! ✉✨

Contact me 😊

e-mail: lenagloeckner @ gmx . detumblr:
instagram: _ifseascatchfire_