I just reread Dipper and Mabel’s Guide and came to a few conclusions regarding Bill’s code:

  • If Time Baby is worried about Bill, his purpose isn’t to affect simply the current time. Bill’s plan will fundamentally change the past, present, and future.
  • Gleeful is running for mayor once the mayor dies, and you can be sure that he’ll make Gideon more powerful than ever.
  • The gnomes can see NW manor. Not quite sure yet what impact this might have, but they know exactly what’s going on with the Northwests.
  • "GROWING UP IS OPTIONAL". This ties with the theory that Bill is Future Dipper in an almost Peter Pan way, as if he’d rather be involved in the paranormal than the normal adult life. That, or he’ll kill everyone before they have a chance to grow up. 

you know what will fuck me over? the blake siblings reuniting and noting all the changes the war has done to them (bellamy and his possible PTSD with being tortured and used as a blood bag, killing lovejoy; octavia and her transition into being a grounder second in command and possibly her war injuries) and just not seeing the big brother and the little girl anymore and 

shut up i’m not crying

Since I had a post blow up this weekend and I gained 30 new followers over it, just a friendly PSA that I absolutely hate the Arrow writers, am not shy about letting my disdain show, and tag all negativity with “fuck you arrow writers” for blacklisting purposes.