You’re in a relationship and you know it’s not right and you just think, “It’s too late, we’ve been together too long. Oh, we’re living together; how would I get another apartment? Oh, we got engaged; how could I break it off? Oh, the invitations have been mailed.” And the fact is, there comes a day when you gotta go. And you go and you look back and you think, “It would’ve been so much kinder if I had gone when I knew I was supposed to go instead of lying to myself and thinking it might work out and staying too long.”
—  Author Ann Patchett speaks about her first marriage (and divorce) on Fresh Air

In today’s interview with Joaquin Phoenix we ask him about why his character in the film The Master speaks out of the side of his mouth: 

My dad sometimes would talk out of the side; he’d clench down one side of his mouth. And I just thought it represented tension in this way, somebody that’s just blocked and tight.

So I actually went to my dentist and I had them fasten these metal brackets to my teeth on the top and the bottom and then I wrapped rubber bands around it to force my jaw shut on one side. … After a couple weeks, the bands, they weren’t really strong enough to kind of hold it so I ended up getting rid of the rubber bands and I still had these metal brackets in and so it made me constantly aware of my cheek. You know, they had these pointy tips so they’d tear up the cheek a little bit, so I just then was constantly aware of it.

This is so f - - - - - - stupid. Why am I talking about this? … It’s not interesting, it’s so stupid. If I was driving and I heard this, I’d change the channel. … I’d be like, “Joaquin, shut up.”

image via interview magazine