gmu confessions


so, late night scrolling through gmu confessions led me to this little gem. i don’t know who this person is, but she has inspired me to break this issue all the way down. so let’s get started.

judging people because of their weight is, and always will be, a vile and disgusting act. somehow, this person assumes that overweight people look the way they do out of a willful disregard for their own health, as if they gleefully eat ten boxes of donuts a day just because they feel like stuffing their faces. somehow, this person has developed a theory that all fat people are lazy, otherwise they would get their shit together and lose weight. these assumptions have purportedly entitled this kristin woman to judge and knowingly worsen the standard of living of overweight people because she believes it will motivate them to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle choices.

  1. addressing the laziness stereotype. how do you classify children who are obese because they were raised in low income families that couldn’t afford healthy food? how do you classify people who are in emotionally/physically abusive households that turn to food for relief? how do you classify the millions of people who have way too much work to do and too little money to spend, who spend most of their day sitting in a chair until the work day ends so they can go home, eat a tube of pringles, and fall asleep. being overweight can be attributed to so many factors that are purely cultural and involuntary, so to generalize all overweight people as being lazy is not only wrong, but it’s downright ignorant.
  2. stigmatizing overweight people does not help them lose weight. In fact, it actually has the opposite effect. according to a study by rebecca puhl and kelly brownell, overweight people who internalize negative stereotypes about their weight actually tend to gain more weight as opposed to lose weight. do you understand that kristin? when you mock someone about their weight, especially if the person turns to food for comfort, you don’t help them at all. you actually make everything worse.

in conclusion, not all fat people are fat because they’re lazy, and using that as an excuse to bully overweight people will not only damage their self esteem, but also further damage their health. kristin, if you want to continue judging overweight people and imposing negative stereotypes, go right ahead. that’s your prerogative. but don’t you dare pretend like you’re helping them. you are a vile cunt, these are the facts. don’t like the way that sounds? maybe you can stop fucking judging people because of their weight and focus on your own goddamn life. that is all.