A reader submitted this gorgeous 1968 convertible Camaro. They said it was an original 327 car but now has a crate 350 and has an automatic transmission. I really like the striping on this car. Notice the L82 hood as well as the factory rally wheels.

I used to be a Rogue like you. Until I took a javelin to the shin.

Context: using roll20, me (a Tiefling Rogue called Thalia) and my boyfriend (a half-giant berserker called Escanor) were going through a trading village, that had been burnt down slightly, and we come across a group of 4 men in strange cloaks and their leader, gathering up a load of gold from the houses, that are now vacant. I have gone into the battle stealthed and my boyfriend walks over to them with an NPC. I had snuck around the nearby house, ignoring my boyfriend’s call for me to help with the battle, to reach the gold without being noticed. Once the battle had finally ended I took what I could of the gold.

Boyfriend ooc (after I have taken the gold): can I throw one of my javelins at her?

Gm: roll for the javelin

Boyfriend: *rolls 16*

Gm: it hits. Roll for damage.

Boyfriend: *rolls 6+2 because of enrage*

Me ooc (by this point the javelin had left Escanor’s hand): can I roll to persuade him not to throw the javelin?

Gm: roll persuasion

Me: *rolls 25*

Gm: you manage to persuade him that you were helping.

Me (with javelin in my lower leg): I was helping, trust me.

Me ooc: I regret nothing…


first vs last appearances

         | girl meets world cast | 


Cast: human shopkeeper Allura and her tiefling assistant Kima, Aspasia the centaur, Kleia the wolftaur, Alexios the minute spidertaur (who is very small and difficult to hear), and Daifidion the snaketaur.

Kima: I… I prefer to wear them myself actually.
Kima: I’m… very confused.
Allura: Darling, I think he’s attempting to flirt.
Kima: … I’m spoken for.
GM to party: You see rings on both Kima’s and Allura's ring fingers
Kleia: It means there’s no riding her horns. In battle or other situations.
Alexios : OH!
Daifidion (OOC): Oh my god.
Aspasia: Maybe if you were flexible enough? *tilts head*
Kleia: It’s the principle more than the physics of it.
Aspasia: Fair enough.