Azoff and One Direction

We’ve all been discussing recently why in reference to the TV Show “Sold Out”, ABC Family would mention Irving Azoff as “the man behind One Direction”. This is one reason why:

Global Music Rights

What is GMR?

Global Music Rights was founded in 2013 by Irving Azoff and represents music rights holders for the licensing of their public performances. Former Performing Rights Organization (PRO) executives Randy Grimmett and Sean O’Malley run operations and bring with them more than 30 years of collective experience in music publishing. Global Music Rights offers licensing, distribution and collection services for the exclusive rights granted to music creators and owners by copyright law.

To add a bit of context, One Direction have associated themselves on their previous albums with the likes BMI and ASCAP, but now there is this:

One Direction

Also, if you go look they are in good company along with, Snoop Dogg, Pharell, Taylor Swift, etc. 

anonymous asked:

I think it's really interesting that Snoop and Taylor are under the same PRO as One Direction, especially considering the company they kept in LA. 👀

That is where I find the things that interest me about this. 

Let me lay this out for you though, this is not the only time these artists have intersected, which makes all this that much more purposeful of a connection with One Direction.

For example, Snoop Dogg came out with a new album produced under Pharrell, a known GMR client. He performed his new single on The Voice, a known Azoff commodity, with Pharrell (who is also a judge this season), and then Louis and Liam were invited to the release party for this album, with no apparent other connection to the two…other than Azoff. 

It is just another connection to Azoff that doesn’t revolve solely on Harry Styles. 

Global Music Rights

Although Azoff’s GMR only has one already-released One Direction song listed because of Ryan Tedder, I think them being listed as a client simply means that their agreement with GMR is new. 

I checked for some older songs that I was familiar with from some of the artists listed and few showed up in their search (except for current Azoff Management clients like The Eagles). So ASCAP or BMI probably still have licenses in effect for things written to date and they signed with GMR for anything going forward until such time as the current agreements are no longer in effect (usually 1-2 years for writers, 5 years for publishers).

GMR is essentially a start-up and it’ll take time to gather the amount of clients and get rights to songs already under other PRO’s, but this is a long-term project, ASCAP has been around for over 100 years, BMI and SEASAC for over 75.

Some sources explaining things:

But what this isn’t is the only business relationship they have going. One Direction is huge, but not so huge that the Azoffs would literally take Harry into their home just so 1D would sign up with GMR. I think there is a lot more to come.

anonymous asked:

i don't think they would list irving as being behind one direction due to the gmr stuff. they are not currently gmr clients. one direction are on that list because they have performed music WRITTEN by those clients, in this case it's probably ryan tedder, who IS a gmr client. so there is more to the story.

I absolutely agree there is more to this. This is like a back window into it. I’ve been looking into GMR for awhile, and when I noticed last year that Pharell and Ryan Tedder were joining them right from the get go, it made me look in to them and i found this: (x)

Basically Sony/ATV was threatening to leave BMI and ASCAP, if they didn’t fix the way the handled their music publishing for their writers.

Under Sony/ATV is One Direction. 

It may not be much, but it is a link I’ve been pursuing for awhile. 

Performing Rights Organizations - PROs

I’ve seen some misinformation floating about and want to clarify something. The PRO that licenses songs for an artist does NOT have control over merchandising or media where that song is used, they simply issue licenses and collect and distribute royalties. If the business using a song doesn’t have the proper licensing, the PRO will lower the hammer, but if the use is approved by the artist, the PRO will comply with a license.

If 1DHQ wants “Story of My Life” to be used for a kiddie video game, GMR will license the music to the creator - they are the accountants, not the gatekeepers of good taste.

It wasn’t ASCAP or BMI that agreed to allow Nike to use The Beatle’s song “Revolution” in a commercial. It was Michael Jackson, the owner of the publishing rights.


A few weeks ago Hollywood Studios got an updated map, but something was missing…the Sorcerer’s Hat was gone! This triggered a lot of rumors and speculation but its all just word of mouth with these sorts of things, until one more huge piece of info was brought into the mix. The other day managers in the area received an email stating that construction was beginning on the Hat in early 2015. So of course nothing is publicly confirmed but with all that I think its safe to start dancing.