I'm starting a POC centered zine distro!!!!!!! (SIGNAL BOOST)

Hey Followers,

After many years of writing a zine, buying zines, trading zines and observing zine culture I have decided to start a zine distro! Recently I was browsing distros all over the internet looking for zines pertaining to Women of Color and found that we are seriously under represented in many of the zine distros despite the fact that there are enough zines created by women of color and gender-marginalized POC to present in zine distros. I was frustrated about going through pages and pages of catalogs of zines and finding only a handful of zine, most of which I had. I went through my zines and found so many zines written by POC that were not being distributed.

After being frustrated about this I decided I wanted to create a distro dedicated to our struggles, our projects, our zines. Zine culture is not white culture. D.I.Y. culture is not white culture. Punk is not inherently white culture. So in the spirit of resistance, in the spirit of visibility and in the spirit of celebrating our cultures and intersectionality: Brown Recluse Zine Distro.

Currently I am looking for zines written by POC from all walks of life and gender identities and expressions. I am looking for personal zines, political zines, punk zines, sex worker zines, zines about gender and feminism (No 101 zines plz), zines about racism and self determination, anti oppression, zines written by Indigenous and First Nations people , sobriety and harm reduction (no hateful content towards substance users), traveling zines and zines about self-care and accountability. I will not be carrying art or poetry zines. I may eventually carry zines written by white folks, but I ask that white folks not submit their zines as I will contact people with zines that I am interested in.

Please send me links to zines that you think that I should carry. Please do not send me PDF’s or links to zines available only online. Send me a quick note about yourself and your wholesale price (50% of retail price).

Please send your zine submissions to:

Nyky Gomez

PO BOX 80582

Seattle, WA 98108


Besos y Abrazos, nykyG