GMOs aren’t scary — pesticides are

  • Americans who care about food and health have wrung their hands worrying about genetically modified organisms in recent years.
  • GMO labeling dominated conversations in 2016, when Obama signed a GMO label law that will allow companies to use a QR code to disclose products with GMOs.
  • But worrying about GMOs, which most scientists deem to be safe for consumption, shouldn’t be keeping you up at night in 2017.
  • The scarier threat to public health? Pesticides.
  • Farmers use chemicals to kill organisms that feast on their crops, but these chemicals stay in soil and groundwater for decades — potentially endangering us and generations to come. Read more

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Venom Movie Rant

With the announcement today that the upcoming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy will depict the origin of the Venom Symbiote as being a GMO food, I can’t help but feel this direction is both inaccurate to the comics and an affront to genetically modified foods, which are not only healthy but critical in solving starvation around the world.

In the comics, the Symbiote is a living alien outfit from Battleworld granted to Spider-Man, which later bonds to Eddie Brock, a disgraced journalist. Together, the two form Venom, a popular arch-villain for Spider-Man. But Sony spokesperson MacDonald Gargan stated today, “Not only is Spider-Man in use by Marvel right now, but the Battleworld plotline would take years to establish. So we had to get creative. Sam Raimi had the creature fall from space. We wanted a more topical, earthbound idea. In our universe, Venom is the result of genetically modified foods, specifically of blackberries. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock will dump a few of these blackberries on his morning cereal, and the rest is history.”

GMO industrial representative Ann Weying suggests that this approach is slanderous, “Genetically modified foods are critical. Without genetic modification, many of the foods you eat would be toxic, flavorless, or just plain tiny. We have modified rice to grow in harsher climates, saving millions of lives. We have modified corn from an inedible stalk to a healthy staple of the American diet, and we have modified the common ladybug into the delicious fruit that we call the apple.” This writer agrees on all counts. Not only is the concept for Venom creatively obtuse, but harmful to GMO reputations much as Jaws was to sharks.

Venom movie director Angelo Fortunato feels that the controversy is not justified and that other features of the movie will make the decision clear. Said Fortunato, “It may sound weird at first, but once you hear Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Venom, you’ll see how his origins inform the character. This will all make Venom a formidable opponent for the true villain of our film, Carnage, a badass strawberry-spawn voiced by Elijah Wood.


Bill Nye Explains Why He Changed His Mind About GMOs

Bill Nye made waves last March when he changed his views on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) following a visit with Monsanto. Previously he had expressed major concerns about the safety of GMOs. 

For how Bill Nye feels about extraterrestrial life watch the full interview here. 

“We don’t want [Monsanto’s] seed. We don’t want their gene-spliced technology. We don’t want to have to defend ourselves from aggressive assertions of patent infringement because Monsanto refuses to keep their pollution on their side of the fence.”
- Jim Gerritsen

“A farmer from Harlan, Iowa, had sows with pseudo pregnancies. They seemed to be pregnant, but when they delivered, there was only a sack of water, afterbirth, and no pigs. The Farm Bureau Spokesman wrote about this farmer’s travails and he got calls from other farmers saying they were having the same problem. Interestingly, they were all using the same BT corn. Iowa State University claimed not to find any connection between the BT corn and fertility, but when the farmers stopped using that form of BT corn and switched to conventional corn, the problem disappeared. ”

Check out what I found while skinning a bag of potatoes at the Fry Shop!  Does this studly spud remind you of anyone?

Maybe a certain blogger?

It’s me!  It looks just like me!

I’m sure the boys in the White House Science Lab would have you believe this agricultural abnormality is nothing to worry about, but my tater twin here is no doubt part of a plan to replace all of mankind with high carb clones!  Who could be behind such a ssssinister ssscheme?  The answer lies in all those extra s’s!  Ssssssee you next time, Weirdateers!


Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, tweeted these on his verified account.

Other symbolic tweets from celebrities:


October 18, 2016

Ask yourself this most important question!

Why were GMOs very quietly but deliberately unleashed onto America’s grocery shelves in the mid 1990’s without OUR knowledge and consent?

I have yet to find a legitimate answer to this question, no matter how much I get trolled by Monsanto’s minions on social media.

It is no coincidence that big biotech, major food corporations, and government agencies like the FDA, USDA and EPA are no longer trusted by a majority of Americans. Would you rely on people that have intentionally poisoned you for decades? Why would anyone blindly put their trust in corporations and governments who have proven beyond all reasonable doubt that they are paid liars like the media that sells those lies to you every second of every day?

Where are the most basic questions about GMO health and environmental safety that any rational individual can ask? I can tell you that the answers are NOT found in any 90 day, short-term rat health study that big biotech like Monsanto passes off to the FDA for rubberstamp approval! Why were these GMOs so quickly approved by a government agency that is supposed to protect us?

What about our Congress? The DARK Act was passed by both the senate and house. Then, the backstabbing of consumers (that’s all of us) was given a final jab at the hearts of all Americans when our Traitor-in-Chief signed the DARK Act that our elected leaders passed, despite the fact that about 90% of Americans wanted and still want transparent GMO labeling. You will hear the same old, tired excuses from food companies that it costs too much to change a label, but they do it whenever they ship their GMO, poison-laden food products overseas. They have to; otherwise, their GMO junk will never make it further than a Boston tea party.

Why don’t the corporations that ship food and beverages to foreign countries every day at least label these genetically modified products that are made in the U.S.A.? Doesn’t it seem a bit suspicious to you that these same major corporations, like Coca Cola and Kraft, funneled millions of dollars to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, or GMA, to defeat GMO labeling laws in Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and California (twice)? In the meantime, biotech brat Monsanto stole Vermont’s GMO labeling law, and turned it into a weak federal labeling law (the DARK Act) that has the same eight, glaring loopholes in it that Vermont’s state GMO labeling bill had before our elected leaders and president deserted us, again, by signing this sinister act of American betrayal.

I am sure you are wondering at this point how much of what I stated is true. Where are the facts? They have been in front of you the entire time. I repeatedly point them out in my articles and social media posts. Other basic human rights activists have been doing the same for years. For big biotech, big Ag and big food, this is all just a money game. The losers in the end are the confused consumers who willingly keep shoving “glyphotoxic” (glyphosate and genotoxic) crap down their throats and also into the mouths of their children and grandchildren.

So, ask yourself all of the questions that I asked again, starting with the first one. Can you come up with any simple answers?

Or, maybe you already have that bitter taste of betrayal that consumes America’s barely beating heart.

John Loeffler
-Calling Out Corruption


Statist and Anarchist #213: Interrogation

Another criticism concerning Sovereign Citizen’s plan was with how he assumed that killing off people of low intelligence would del facto eliminate people who were “ignorant.” To be sure, “ignorant” and “intelligent” are not mutually exclusive terms. One can be highly educated while also clinging to irrational beliefs. For example, Dr. Ben Carson is one of the most skilled neurosurgeons within the nation, so much so that he was able to successfully separate conjoined twins who were joined at the brain, yet he also believes that the pyramids were used as grain silos. Just because he was intelligent enough to become a famous brain surgeon does not mean he isn’t also ignorant on other matters.

As such, it would probably behoove Sovereign Citizen to thoroughly interrogate the living who remained to ensure that they did not harbor any irrational beliefs that would further impede society from his superior future. Of course, I say that with full understanding that he is the villain within this story arc, and this his actions or intentions should not be something to applaud. I am in no way advocating that we ought to commit genocide on stupid people within society. However, you really have to wonder, wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we didn’t have too many people who believed vaccines caused autism or GMOs were harmful or who tried to stymie racial relations through race baiting? I think it would.