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“We’re really trying to create for-profit entities that are making animal products without animals. If someone is hesitant to embrace the technology I would ask them first to educate themselves on what GMOs are to obtain a better scientific literacy because if you’re afraid of GMOs I’m not sure you would be on board with this because you’re not concerned with data and science and what the facts say. You’re appealing to some kind of thing you’ve been marketed to or some branding thing.”  - Isha Datar, Executive Director of New Harvest, a nonprofit focused on advancing  technologies to more sustainably and affordably feed a growing population


Preparing the meat that we raised together as a family.
July 11th 2016
Atlanta, Georgia

This is our fourth year of running our backyard rabbitry. Our rabbits are cared for and loved. We have a great admiration and respect for the animal. Before we butcher our rabbits my children have learned to say, “Thank you for being here for us and for making us stronger, we will not waste your meat, you are now a part of us.” The children do not have any problems with the harvesting of the rabbits they help raise. They are excited and feel like they are contributing to the family. We believe this makes them more confident growing into the people they will become and more respectful to the environment they are growing within. There is something that has changed within us since we began raising our own meat. There is an understanding that is gained by being responsible for the lives that we end so we can continue. We are tighter as a family because we shoulder the reality of understanding how much dies to keep us alive. Past experience in sharing these particular endeavors that we engage in as a family lead me to believe that many of you reading this may find it unsettling, to say the least. We only ask that you try to understand that we are choosing not to participate in factory farmed meats. The meat that we harvest and eat in our house has been loved or, if hunted, has lived a real life.

We hope our latest family blog post finds you doing well and in the present moment with an open mind.

Most respectfully,



Savory spicy rabbit loin.
December 12, 2016

Rabbit loins browned in bacon fat, The pan was de-glazed with a pale ale, then the rabbit was pressure cooked with carrot, onion, potato, pepper, tomato, and a heaping load of shiitake mushroom. It was served with brown rice, splash of apple cider vinegar, kicked up a notch with a garlic chili paste. Sided with a seaweed and fresh herbs.

With as much experimentation as we do with cooking it is not uncommon to miss the intended flavor set. But, we nailed this one. The flavors were so balanced and the spice from the chili paste worked so well with the tender rabbit loin and fresh herbs.

I hope our latest post find you guys staying warm and excited about what it is you’re doing.



alegagax said: Eating IS the problem actually. When you eat processed foods, chemically altered foods, GMOs, meats and all of this crap food it affects your brain and its capability of processing information and access higher realms. My advise, do more research
You entirely just fueled my point, believing food is linked to dogma is a ridiculous notion based on psychological thinking. It is the energy you are placing behind food. It is the same way with money, if you believe money is bad, guess what you won’t attract money. If  you hate love, you won’t attract love. If you feel food is poison to your health due to fear, your body will react back. Your body is MADE of chemicals so don’t even begin to tell me all chemicals are bad for you. 

It doesn’t matter what food and diet you are eatting, it does NOT hinder your spiritual progress.
If i eat gmos i am not cut off from accessing the higher realms and enlightenment. If i eat meat I am not cut off from accessing my higher self and expanding my “light body”.  If i eat processed chemically bound food my kundalini will magically stop because my energy is dense from eating dense foods. That’s bullshit. 

Nothing external can stop an internal journey of spirit. I think it comes down to a level of common sense, listen to your body, your personal needs, eat a healthy diet and you’ll thrive. Sure it is great to eat organic, when i lived alone i was vegetarian and strictly ate organic vegetarian foods only for years then i got pregnant, I found out i was protein deficient and for my personal health i had to eat meat. I also had to suddenly shop on a budget which meant limiting my organic foods because organic food is damn expensive when you have to supply food for your entire family. I actually felt guilty because i had to change my food choices but then i realized how ridiculous that actually is. We should not be criticizing other people’s lifestyle choices. If you want to be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater more power to you. It’s the dogma that is ridiculous.
I had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child, it didn’t remotely do anything to my body besides nourish me.
Did it stunt my spiritual progress at all? No. Was i still able to communicate with higher realms, understand the dimensions and be a spiritual person? Yes. Did it stop my kundalini awakening? definitely not. Did it suddenly block me from seeing energy, being an energy reader and everything that i just went through for YEARS? No. Did it suddenly change my pineal gland? no. 

It doesn’t matter if you choose to be vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater that is not the point, but if you start blaming food for what is causing lack of spiritual enlightenment and blocking your access to higher realms. You are literally linking food to dogma instead of just acceptance for what food is, nourishment. It is the energy we place behind food. Not the food itself. Food is just food. You are the creator here, your projection of what you are thinking is what fuels into your reality.  if you believe food is poison, psychologically your body will think so, if you believe food is nourishment then your body will reciprocate. 

When you think the above mentality, you are linking food to dogma. 
This is all just fear tactics.

Don’t believe every article you read.
Think for yourself.