gmo lies


Are you eating humans? Study finds human DNA in burger meat all across the USA.

Pretty Lies

Im not surprised

That it’s televised 

They’re showing us 

All these pretty lies 

Crucify the media 

For taking out lives

And hiding it 

From the public’s eyes

Whose to blame? 

The real gangsters 

The corporate thugs 

They’re all evil eye’d

United we came divided we stood 

But that’s the plan though 

It’s written in the palms of their hands


They took away destiny 

Stripped her from humanity 

Gave us poison for food

Genetically modified 

Having us feel dead inside

Fighting for who got more than mine 

Cold plate, warm it up

Electric waves inside 

Pretty lies, pretty lies

It takes the real eye 

To realize 

The real lies they’re feeding us 

Beauty has been tainted 

A false image has been held

Not loving ourselves 

Because we’re loving someone else 

The beauty is in you 

Not the clothes that you wear 

Be you to the T full 

Because a empty cup ain’t worth it 

- Wise Black Man