gmo free brands

anonymous asked:

I've been hearing all of these awful things about commercial big-name dog foods and I was wondering if you had any sort of recommendations regarding what brands are the best(without costing an arm and a leg if possible)? I know you probably have more important things to do than recommend dog food but I was just wondering

Discussing pet food is one of my absolute least favorites aspects of being a veterinarian. People become so heated and it is impossible to have an actual conversation about it. Guess who puts those “awful things” about commercial big name dog foods out there? Other dog food companies that want to sell your their product but are also just as big and commercial. It is all advertising and it works very well.

You wanna feed Blue Buffalo? Do it. Fromm? Go for it. Are any of the organic, grain free, GMO free, boutique brands better than any others? No. Your dog or cat will live a long healthy life on pretty much any brand. I personally like Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin because they publish lots of research on their diets so they are scientifically proven to be good but also because they are affordable. What really makes me angry is when clients decline vaccines or medical treatment due to expense but they spend $180 per month on organic dog food.

Feed whatever name brand you want as long as it has an AAFCO statement and your dog is truly doing well on it. But don’t complain about the cost of vet care when you spend more than that on the food alone.