gmo fail

Not too long ago, McDonald’s ran a commercial showing a close-up of a burger while the voiceover declared, “This is not Greek yogurt, nor will that ever be kale.” The ad mocked those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle; such people were told to “avert their eyes” from the burger. “You can’t get juiciness like this from soy or quinoa,” the commercial continued. McDonald’s, after a run of less-than-desirable sales for six consecutive quarters, has engaged in a complete reversal. Suddenly, they are embracing kale almost as vehemently as they used to abhor the superfood. They have recently announced that their restaurants in California and Canada will include the dark leafy green; in California, it will be found in breakfast bowls, while in Canada, the chain is set to introduce three kinds of salads in which kale will be the main focus. Forget health; it’s all about the fast food giant’s profit. It is hard enough to buy into their newfound love of kale when they recently rolled out a campaign that bashed it, but now that they’re finding that kale equals cash, it further reinforces that their heart really isn’t in this from a health perspective. Slipping in a few leaves of kale in between poor quality meat filled with antibiotics & GMO feed, pesticide laden produce and processed “cheese” and bread won’t make something THAT extremely unhealthy, healthy. Nice try McDonald’s, but stick to falling off the face of this earth. We ain’t buying it ✋🌿🍟🍔
-naturallygr0wn on IG