gonna make me cum → georgia/harry

The giggles drifted from Georgie’s mouth in a steady stream. They had rushed to her lips even prior to the shots of vodka that the two girls had downed to start off the evening. After all, it was their first night in London. They were sharing an apartment, for Christ’s sakes, despite the presumptions that the people who had surrounded them in Bristol had obtained, that the two wouldn’t last all the way through secondary school together. And here they were. First night in London, sharing a not-too-crappy apartment, and getting drunk. They made their way to the bar with their arms interlaced tightly, their laughs growing softer at each passing moment until they arrived at the bar. Her companion was suddenly announcing that she needed to get a breath of fresh air, and so she was plopping down on a stool and glancing around to find an older man looking at her.

“What are you gettin’, love?” She swiped her tongue along her bottom lip and smirked at the man. “Whatever he’s getting me.” She briefly caught the gaze of a curly-haired, handsome younger man from across the room as the words floated from her lips that she half-recognized from somewhere – perhaps she knew him? – before shifting her eyes back to the man. He sat beside her and they talked for about twenty minutes, and every once in a while her gaze would meet the curly-haired man’s gaze, before she excused herself to the bathroom, making sure that her already-short dress was folded up a few inches as she walked beside the handsome man. She reapplied another layer of lipstick before walking back out, and when she brushed past him, he spoke to her. A slight smile crooked her lips.