Good Morning, Miss Black || Open

The stones that made up the wall of the hallway that housed the staircase leading to the dorms was cold as she leaned against it, eyes locked on the view from one of the few windows they had. Enchanted, she knew, for there was no way they were up that high. Still, it let in a fresh breeze and carried away the cloud of smoke she exhaled from her lungs. Delicate hands, well maintained held the slender cigarette between two fingers, brought to her lips to pull in another breath of the toxic smoke that felt so good. Sure, she was aware that many considered her smoking to be a disgusting habit, but Narcissa Black could care very little what people thought. Her own opinion was the only one that mattered, other than, of course, her parents. Hence why she smoked in secret in the small staircase alcove she’d found years ago.

It felt good to be back at school, back at the place that she considered her kingdom, though there were several students who obviously disagreed with that. But, what was a ruler without opposition? Pursing her lips as her eyes focused on the skyline, watching the sunrise that she was sure was real, though broadcasted to the window much like the ceiling in the great hall. At least a school she didn’t have to be locked up with warring sisters, though of course the affection of her doting parents would be missed, she knew that was something her other sisters didn’t taste and thus didn’t understand. Oh well, it was she who was important anyway. Sometimes she wondered if Bella would ever marry out of anything other than obligation, knowing that would never be the case for herself. She’d choose her own suitor, and he would treat her right. Lucius hadn’t and she’d broken up with him before the summer. Thankfully she had yet to run into her equally pale ex.

The uniform she wore was just like the one worn by everyone else, but had been fitted and charmed, accentuating her petite form and slender legs. The skirt of course would always be measured at the acceptable length, but never looked quite that long. A trick she’d learned early on in her second year at the school. Severus Snape was not the only one who was good at creating spells and charms, though the two used the skill for decidedly different means. Adjusting the tie she wore loosely around her neck, the White gold (for she preferred it over silver.) Slytherin charm attached to her tie pin glinted in the sunlight as the sun burst out over the horizon and let a warm glow fall over the porcelain girl, though she squinted in the sudden light. Her cigarette only half done, those same eyes slid closed as she basked in it. Even someone like her loved the sun and the warmth it brought. Especially in the cold of the dungeon common room.