Graspop day 3! Also know as the day Axl Rose was... TOO EARLY

When you think something is great and you won’t have that much luck again, something else beats it. Best sentence to describe the last day of Graspop Metal Meeting! Oh wait, nobody reads this…

I had to get up on time today! It was raining as fuck as we left, so it looked pretty depressing. By the time we arrived at the festival field, it wasn’t really raining anymore, but there was a lot of mud. Hooray!

The first band I watched, was Europe. Its the final countdooooown, du du du duuuu, du du du du duuuuuuuuuu! First I was second row and the people who were there were nice. First someone next to me asked if he could take me on his shoulders, so I could see more (I’m 1m50, I saw latterly nothing in the second row), but eventually a man let me stand next to him on the front row! It was the same spot as the last two days for the various acts I saw front row. I only knew the sentence “It’s the final countdown”, but they were nice to watch!

After Europe, mum and I could get a better space, more to the center, where we saw better and we wouldn’t leave that spot! We had to watch Killswitch Engage, but… no. Just… no! I didn’t like it at all, but the thought I’m doing it to see Motörhead front row. Last time I saw Motörhead, I was fucking sick, so getting front row would be my ‘revenge’. 
I also officially hate… the French! If someone is rude at a concert, then it’s a French person. Sorry French followers, but some motherfuckers ruined your reputation! Some stupid French bitches wanted to take our spot, while we were waiting there already for hours. If there’s no goddamn space, you can’t get front row. First come, first serve, that’s how it is. Be at least nice to the other fans…

Whatever, we watched Machine Head, still front row! They were pretty good! Someone told me to go and see them and I thought it was worth it. Too bad I almost died because of those crowd surfers. The security guys asked me a few times if I’m still alright. After the show, when they threw picks, mum got one!

Between Machine Head and Motörhead, they tried to break the world record 'slow dancing at a festival’. The soundtrack for that? The ultimate metal ballad: NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! Too bad for me, I didn’t had someone. Whatever, I’m one sexy motherfucker. People were staring at me today, but also when I wanted to go to the toilet for example, stupid cunts try to block my way. Yes, I’m wearing leather shorts and stuff, but don’t dare to walk in my way. My middle finger was used for a motherfucker like that. Jesus, some people are such disgraceful cunts when it comes to girls/women. 

Then it was time for Motörhead! I stood still front row. When the security people appeared again, one of them looked at me like “Are you still here? How the hell did you survive all those crowd surfers?!” and he took a picture of me. Pretty hilarious, actually! Motörhead got their asses on stage and kicked thousands of asses! They have some kind of energy that made me instantly bang my head. Lemmy was pretty talkative. Way more than last time I saw them, cause then I got a bit the impression that he doesn’t even care about saying something about the crowd or atmosphere. Phil Campbell also threw a guitar pick to me. I didn’t catch it cause it fell just in front of the barrier and bounced away. A security guy almost gave it to someone else, but another one had noticed it was meant for me and I got the pick! I’ll frame it. It’s a dream coming true to get a pick from one of the bands I wanted to see most on the festival (along with Megadeth on day two).

After Motörhead, Guns N’ Roses were scheduled. Everyone KNOWS how Axl is: late. Mum and I were joking “He would shock everyone by coming at time”. He wasn’t at time… Guns N’ Roses were too fucking early. When they entered the stage, nobody from the security was there and then they appeared, all of them were confused. Well, nice for me, cause I was already pretty tired after the two previous days and after all the acts I watched that day. They were phenomenal. I guess everyone knows that they put amazing shows and Axl Rose changed clothes a few times. The best shirt he wore, was that one with Mickey Mouse! It seemed that they were playing for an eternity, even it was supposed to be only 15 minutes longer than Metallica. I also did a heart with my hands at DJ Ashba and he noticed that! I did it two times and each time he smiled cute and did half a heart back! 
When GnR’s set ended, I was dead. All my energy was gone. Just like it should be, at the end of the festival! Tired, but NOT in pain, which was a huge surprise for me. The previous days I actually died from pain. I guess I’ll feel it tomorrow.

When walking to the taxi stop, some guys were screaming “There’s a hole in your pantyhose!” One solution for that: saying “SERIOUSLY?! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the useful information!”.

Now I’m home, it’s getting light outside, I still need to take my make-up off, dad is going to get up soon for work and I’m not going on school trip thanks to Metallica. Because of how I ended up after their show, the doctor gave me a paper I need for my absence, so tomorrow I can rest and… SELECT AND UPLOAD PICTURES! I’ll flood you, motherfuckers! 

That awkward moment when Axl Rose is... TOO EARLY!

Today at Graspop Guns N’ Roses played! Everyone was like “lol, it will take an hour longer before they hit the stage”. Then suddenly the into movie appeared on the screens. People were still sitting, not expecting it to begin. Even the security people, who are there around 5-10 minutes before the show starts, weren’t there. When they appeared; they were like “Why is that band already on stage? What the fucking hell is going on?!”

What a nice surprise, Mr. Rose! This time, nobody had a reason to throw a fucking bottle at your head!

A quick photo of something that’s worth some jealousy!

Left: Machine Head pick (was thrown in the crowd after the performance)

Right: Motörhead pick.

Phil Campbell threw the pick at me when they finished a song. I was singing along, being an enthusiastic Motörhead fan and head banging till I couldn’t take it anymore. I guess it grabbed his attention! It’s actually used, cause I could clearly see some damage to the side ;D

Graspop, day two!

I had the time of my life. I only watched two bands, BUT WHO CARES? They were amazing!

In the morning, I thought I would die because of the pain in my foot. When it was around noon and I had taken my cocktail of medicine, the pain was basically over. Time to leave!

I wanted to see Exodus, but I decided not to. When Trivium were playing on the main stage, mum and I already went as much as we could to the front. When their set ended, we could get a place FRONT ROW! It was also at the left side of the stage, exactly where I stood yesterday for Slayer and Ozzy Osbourne. We waited for an hour and then: MEGADETH! Seeing all Big 4 bands front row: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 

The set started with 2 songs I could barely recognize and the sound quality wasn’t that good but after that… METAL MADNESS! From then I knew all the songs and a lot of lyrics. I was screaming, singing along, clapping and head banging like my life depended on it. I had a lot of prejudices before going there, cause I heard so much bad shit about seeing Megadeth live, but no, it was amazing! I enjoyed it so much, that I didn’t feel the pain it my foot anymore! All band members (beside Shawn Drover, duuuh) came to our side. Chris smiled REALLY cute (still not sure if he actually pointed at me) and Dave even played a badass solo right in front of me. When Dave thanked the audience, it came straight from the heart. He also said that the side where I stood had waaaay more fun than the other. AHAHAHAHA! It was so amazing! 

In the end, the Megadeth guys threw their picks and that was left of the unused ones. I couldn’t get one from David, but Dave had still a few left and came to our side to throw them. Most of them landed in the space between the stage and the audience, so the security guys took these and handed them out and I was one of the lucky ones to get a pick Mustaine threw. Thanks to the security guy! I actually started crying from happiness! I gained respect for this band after this show!

Then we waited for another hour and Twisted Sister came on. I didn’t knew any of their songs, but I wanted to check them out. First I was like “what the hell is this fuckery?” but it turned out to be GREAT! The lyrics were easy to sing along and Dee is an amazing entertainer. The whole fucking field was clapping and singing. It was such an amazing feeling to be part of that crowd. When introducing the band, Dee, the singer, was introduced as ‘the father of Lady Gaga’. His reaction? “FUCK LADY GAGA! Don’t mind me when I do…" 

Even it were only two bands, it was so amazing and that pick made it perfect. It’s worth the pain! After the festival, I need to buy a frame and print a picture from the show. I’ll frame the picture with the pick! 

And about posted pictures: it won’t be for now. Somehow mum made like… 600 photos of Megadeth alone (cause our cameras always make series of pictures, that’s why I’m always able to post a lot of nice photos). Now she’s a fan of them. AHAHAHA ;p And she disliked the dude with the ginger mattress on his head. 

GRASPOP, day 1!

Okay, this was totally amazing! I first had my science exam and my teacher was like “hey, are you going to Graspop?” I was like “YES, THREE DAYS” and told her which bands I’ll see. 

I left around noon and arrived in time to see Black Label Society. I love Zakk Wylde’s guitars. I want that SG+Flying V thingie, just to put on my wall. Then I watched Slash. I saw both bands from pretty far.

After finding some nice metal stuff on the festival/metal market, I met a guy I know from tumblr and we ended up… guess where… front row for SLAYER! Pretty much to the side, but Kerry, Gary and Tom all came at least once to that side, so they were pretty close! 

When the Slayer set finished, we stayed at our places and waited for an hour. Ozzy Osbourne & Friends performed as headliner. Normally Black Sabbath were scheduled, but we all know that tour was cancelled (with exception of Download), so this was the replacement. Ozzy is goddamn great and on stage, he was looking like a madman. He was throwing buckets of water into the audience, on the security guys and on himself. He was playing with a band, but Geezer Butler, Slash and Zakk Wylde joined during the set. It was GREAT!

So now I’m home. I’m going to eat and shower. I’ll also take a look at tomorrow schedule, but the most important band I want to see, is Megadeth, who perform in the early evening. It would be fun if I would get front row too, so I would have seen every Big 4 band in less that 1 month ànd front row.

Pictures will be uploaded Monday, after the festival or maybe I’ll already post something tomorrow, depending on what time I get up and when we decide to leave!