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anonymous asked:

*whispers* I thought I was the only one who thought GML was a shit movie. I was afraid to say it because I thought I was gonna get murdered. Like It has nothing to do with Darren's performance or anything, I just thought it was a genuinely terrible movie. I had a hard time getting through it tbh.

I’m sure you’re not the only one, Noonie. But people have this ‘how to be a perfect fan’ in their minds which means ‘liking everything their idol does and never talking shit about it’. Not all of them think that way, luckily many know that there is no right way to be a fan.

No, I don’t like GML and I haven’t watched it. I saw tons of stuff from the movie and I was just ‘ugh’ yeah, not gonna watch that and waste two hours of my life while I could to something else. I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp but dislike some of his movies and haven’t seen some because they just weren’t for me.

And it has nothing to do with the actor, it’s just the movie sounds and looks bad so I’m not going to watch it. I have seen so many movies in my life and so many trailers (because I’m not just watching a movie, I watch it over and over again, in different languages, with comments from the actors, directors etc to learn more about the movie).

Also, I’m very tired of these straight romance movies, we have enough of them (and most of my favorite movies aren’t even about that). No one should be afraid to say what they like and what not, it’s your opinion and people should respect that.