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studiomao: Triple Threat - Darren Criss, Stephen Mao and Kristen Wiig. Be sure to catch Darren launching the national tour of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, and Kristen in the new Ghostbusters premiering on July 15th in North America. #darrencriss #kristenwiig #hedwigandtheangryinch #hedwig #ghostbusters #studiomao #stephenmao #paris #imogene #girlmostlikely #champselysees

So I am having a really different reaction to Darren at the premiere than almost everyone on my dash, so I thought I’d share it.

I am happy to see him. I am happy to see him real, as he generally is. He wears his emotions in his eyes and its one of the reasons he’s so easy to connect to.

His presence is a comfort to me. I don’t feel like I need to comfort him. I never feel that because I’m not real to him. But he is real to me.

He looks dignified and dapper and sad and handsome.

He is great at what he does because he can connect so easily and he will. I’m not afraid of him crying. It will probably make me cry if he does but I’m also okay with that. 

I’m just happy he’s there and is one of the Glee cast who is chosen and has chosen to reach out to the world at this sad time.

I’m listening and thankful.

I think he looks incredibly beautiful.

Just looking at those pictures of Darren at the GML premiere gives me chills because he’s smiling because hey, it’s his first big movie and he’s proud of it, but when you look into his eyes, they look watery and just- he looks really sad you know ? I’m really proud of Darren for his movie, but i’m more proud of him for going out and staying strong, even if everything inside is screaming for him not to.

I found this interview with him that he did for Rolling Stone where he was basically sitting there with a guitar and answering all the questions musically, and I thought that was really charming and he had this ease, and he just seemed perfect for this role.
—  Robert Pulcini, co-director of Girl Most Likely. (The Hollywood Reporter)

anonymous asked:

Is there a video released of Darren being interviews by someone at the GML premiere? Because I keep seeing people quoting him when someone asked him why he was wearing a black ribbon and he said "for a friend" and I don't know if that's legit or if it's just another rumor.

There’s no video that I’m aware of, and I would not be surprised if Darren skipped the press entirely.  However the ribbon being in remembrance of Cory was reported by multiple media members.

But even without media confirmation, black ribbons are commonly accepted as a public symbol of grief and mourning.

That he’s wearing the ribbon in honor of Cory is something I would definitely file under “fact,“ but I don’t know where the quote came from. I haven’t heard anything about that. 

Hope that helped. :-)