The trouble with “zen proverbs”

Any quote attributed to being a “zen proverb” is either fake (the common case), or else (uncommonly) a real fragment from the historical corpus that has probably lost its actual source (and context, nuance…) through being rehashed and recycled countless times within pop spirituality books (which seem to have each other and the anecdotes of their self-proclaimed “guru/master/meditation teacher” authors as the only sources rather than actual Chan works). Treat “proverbs” like these just like you’d treat a suspicious “Buddha” quote [1]: with caution.

[1] Sometimes you’ll even see a fake Buddha quote once, and then later see it again as a “zen proverb”; or vice-versa.

They only had less than a week to practice for this performance ;; - © 

호시: 사실, ‘마마’ 준비는 좀 늦게 들어갔다. 연습을 일주일도 못하고 바로 출국했다.

Hoshi: Actually we started preparing for ‘MAMA’ quite late. We only managed to practice for about a week or less before flying off. 

Trans by @mc-gyu credit if use 


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