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So, Has it been noticed that in Fairy tail the battle numbers go in order?

The first big battle is against a specific guild is Phantom Lord. 

There were five enemies (Juvia, Gajeel, Aria, Sol, Totomaru).

The next big fight against a specific guild was the Oracion Seis, which had six enemies (Angel, Midnight, Racer, Cobra, Hot Eye, and Brain)

The next big fight is against The Seven Kin of Purgatory which obviously has seven members (Ultear, Kain, Meredy, Zancrow, Zoledo, Rusty, and Azuma)

And last is the Grande Magic games which is against eight guilds.

I feel like I’ve uncovered the greatest secret of the universe, i swear.


Gay Mean Girls is a coming of queer dramedy about how relationships shift as we redefine ourselves. Lucy Kim, president of the prom committee seeks to establish Gay Prom Royalty to pursue a crush on her best friend, an out lesbian beauty vlogger. This is a story about rising above your haters and looking flawless, cause girl you woke up like this.



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