Greek Mythology: The Fates

“The threads which the Fates spin are so unchageable, that, even if they decreed to someone a kingdom which at the moment belonged to another, and even if that other slew the man of destiny, to save himself from ever being deprived by him of his throne, nevertheless the dead man would come to life again in order to fulfil the decree of the Fates … He who is destined to become a carpenter, will become one even if his hands have been cut off: and he who has been destined to carry off the prize for running in the Olympic games, will not fail to win even if he broke his leg: and a man to whom the Fates have decreed that he shall be an eminent archer, will not miss the mark, even though he lost his eyesight.” (Flavius Philostratus, Life of Apollonius of Tyana 8.7).


People seemed to enjoy the first Random Encounter table i wrote, so here is a more specific one! This FOREST RANDOM ENCOUNTER TABLE/GENERATOR is great if u have a forest or forest region that is deadly, dangerous and magical. It feature 6 tables which have the potential to generator thousands of unique encounters.

Feedback is always appreciated, follow my tumblr for more random tables and generators (I will always be making more) :)

- The Aussie GM

EDIT! Here is the download link for the full file, all together for you :)


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