Ethan got his official orders!

He is going to a shop on bangor. He is currently at PSNS, so we are officially staying in washington!!
The shop is the sail shop, so he is cross-rating, but apparently they need 3 or 4 a-gangers in the shop for some stuff! He is also filling a 1st class billet as a second class!! Super proud of him! He talked to his new LPO and Ethan said he was a super nice guy and that normally the shop gets out before colors which is at 8!!! If the pier is full it can be a little later, more like 12:30 or so! But that is awesome, compared to when he gets off work now, which is anywhere from 5-9.

He gets his eval back sometime this month, and if he ranks high enough he gets to take his first class exam in september!! Making it on the 1st try is very rare depending on rate, but he made his 2nd class exam on the first try also!!

My perfect prince...or should I say cowboy ;)

He dropped me off at work. Went to the barn with the dog and the baby in tow.

He wore savanna on his back and put up fences!!!

Eventually our friends came out (the horse is at their house) and Dani, the mom, took Savanna and took her inside and fed her pancakes and they played in their HUGE play room!! Dani has a 3 year old and a 6 month old.

Ethan finished fencing and apparently Harry out horse got out into the big pasture and for awhile just stood by Ethan and hung out. Until the other two noticed him.

Then apparently they all started getting crazy. And kicking each other :/ So ethan yelled down to Harry and apparently he stopped and looked at Ethan and just walked away from the other two.

Eventually Ethan went and got harry, and brought him back to the barn.

But val tried to kick ethan, super glad that horse is leaving! (she is a sweet heart sometimes, but she has her crazy moments.)

I am just happy Harry was so good for Ethan. I am harry’s only female owner. Before me he had two male owners and the one before me, got him when he was very young and they had a really strong bond. So he has always been a mans horse.

We are keeping harry for a bit longer. As he was too skinny and needs some tlc.

But I am so happy I found a husband that supports me and my horse addiction. He paid for the trimmer to come out, the vet the next day and bought a ton more food for him and made sure we got him the best.

He is a good husband. And the perfect cowboy :)