gonna be honest, i think clint mcelroy has officially outranked Greg Universe as “best dad” in my book. the way he so easily jokes with his kids, he allows himself to be the punching bag, he does nothing but speak highly of them, etc. he’s just such a terrific guy. i love clint mcelroy and i hope he’s doing well.

whenever i look up guides for games i try to justify it within the canon of my character.

like, im playin stardew valley and i dont know which seasons certain fish come out, so i looked it up and said “well, within this world we already know the internet exists, so i’ll say my character looked up some fishing forums and found out when these fish species migrate through his area”.

or like, in skyrim, if im trying to find specific potion recipes i’ll say “oh, my grandfather gave me this recipe book before he died detailing most potions”.

stuff like that

seventeen 101
  • s.coups: can't keep up with the young'ins physically and mentally- you could say he has "hip" problems
  • jeonghan: knows victoria's secret
  • joshua: reads/watches sci-fi and thinks it's real
  • jun: regina george's mom
  • hoshi: time travels to 10:10 everyday
  • wonwoo: nerdy friend who ruins your jokes because it's factually incorrect
  • woozi: squidward when he tried to hide his love for krabby patties (replace "krabby patties" with "butt slaps")
  • dk: invented the sun and life on earth
  • mingyu: science hasn't advanced far enough to detect anything wrong with him
  • the8: your inner voice that reminds you of all your embarrassing moments before you sleep at night
  • seungkwan: likable anime protagonist, unlocks hidden talent every story arc
  • vernon: you're doing amazing sweetie
  • dino: an epitome of pent-up aggression from your emo days