I have always sold stuff, online since 1999, but there is a polaroid pic of me somewhere from 1991 when I was 4 sitting outside in the dead of winter in my snow suit with a table of wares, a broom and sign that read “Leo’s store.” Some of you may know that I started selling seriously when my mom got sick with pancreatic cancer when I was 10. eBay for me has always been more than a hobby, it was my livelihood and sometimes (a lot of times) my only means of subsistence. Without eBay I wouldn’t have graduated high school, I wouldn’t have gone to college and I wouldn’t be here today. 

In college I would spend my weekend packing up eBay items to ship, in sophomore year I got caught in the custodial closet in my dorm and had to go talk to the dean because I had a massive box of unarticulated 1970’s GI Joe dolls sitting in the soap filled sink that I was cleaning and reassembling (they thought I was just a psycho).

The dean couldn’t understand why I was so mad he took the dolls away, and I didn’t understand how he couldn’t realize that the dolls were worth mad money and $2,000 more if they were clean and assembled. I explained to him that the only way I could continue going to “his” college was if I got the dolls back (which he eventually gave me). 

it was from this attachment to online income that I decided to create the Gmargin Blog, to show others (maybe those in a similar situation to the one I was in) how to make money online.

I launched the Gmargin blog on October 1, 2013. I made a promise to my friends and family that if I wasn’t able to get 100 people interested in the site by Jan. 1, 2014 I would scrap the site and move on to greener pastures. 

I sort of made my goal and as a result have decided to keep up with the site, although I knew in mid-december that I wanted to keep going with it. In fact I have set a goal of turning $0 into $100,000 in 2014 by flipping items on eBay and Craigslist.

The blog had a hard time getting off the ground. Five website visitors pre-launch in the month of September, and 12 visitors in October really put a damper on my enthusiasm, so much so I considered quitting right then and there…fact is I don’t really know much about bringing traffic to a blog, I know how to make money online, I can sell on eBay like a crazy man, but when it comes to starting up and just writing a blog without an audience I found out that I sort of suck at it. Unless I know for a fact that what I am writing is going out there and helping someone, I have a hell of a time writing it. 

The site started slow, dead slow, 4 subs that I knew personally (you know who you are), then one day in mid-November a Redditor e-mailed me furious that the eBook he had subscribed to on my site hadn’t been delivered…I was thrilled, seriously, my very first person who actually wanted to hear what I had to say! That said, I had failed him, and it was a kick in the ass that I needed to work harder on the site (I had real people (person) now).

I ended November with 11 subscribers, I wrote an article in response to a somewhat ambiguous NewYorker article which got me about 1400 visitors and I was off. 

Today, 1-2-14, I have about 106 people to thank, my subscribers, my audience and my support structure. Almost all of you have come from Reddit, so I particularly want to thank the mods at the sub-reddit /r/flipping for their support. I am going to turn this blog into something that I hope all of you can be inspired by, learn from, use and give to. You are my community, my friends and my teachers. For the first time in my life I have people I can talk to about my passion; earning income online.

You make this all worthwhile, your comments on my site and on Reddit mean the world to me, I promise to put my heart, soul and every ounce of my experience and intellect into making this site the most useful it can possibly be.

My sincerest thanks and well wishes for the upcoming year.