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when do u think the tour for this album will be?? end of 2017?? beginning of 2018??

If the album does come out sometime between August-September, i think the tour would start early 2018 with the exception of a few stand-off shows, like the macys parade or today show, GMA, talk shows, etc.

Keeping their names

When Eric Bittle and Jack Zimmermann finally get married - about five years after Eric graduates from Samwell, they talk about what to do with their names a lot. In the end, however, they decide to each keep their own names for several reasons:

  • Eric is a YouTube chef, with millions of followers, three cookbooks and won MasterChef a year before. He’s starting to make guest appearances on GMA and the Today show. He’s recognized far more in the streets for his own accomplishments than he is because he’s dating an NHL star.
  • Jack is finally comfortable with his legacy. He’s been an All-Star every year he’s been in the league. He’s earned the recognition he gets now. He’s no longer “Bad Bob Zimmermann’s son who overdosed”. His relationship with his dad has never been stronger.
  • They’ve both listened to hundreds of rants from Shitty over the years about the history of patriarchal societies and how the practice of giving up names has hindered women over hundreds of years.

So neither changes their name after the wedding. For them, being Jack and Eric is more than enough.

For all the media hoopla about it (Gay NHL All-Star weds Internet Celebrity Chef!), it’s a quiet ceremony at a private resort with their families and many NHL stars. The wedding cake (baked by Eric, of course), was a work of art.