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GREEK MYTHOLOGY/MYTH PICSPAM SERIES » oya (requested by baffledqueenofsassafras)

she is seen in aspects as the warrior-spirit of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic. she creates hurricanes and guards the underworld. she is the spirit of tornadoes (which are said to be her whirling skirts as she dances), lightning, earthquakes, and any kind of destruction. she has a face expression of really big and open eyes, she breathes and blows up her chins, and often screams.

greek mythology/myth picspam series >> thetis

“Ethereal bodies vestured into flowers, flaming through the life in the restless dream from the spider´s webs they are collecting the dew, preparing the gathering, awaiting the dark. While the man is standing, dazed in restless dream, woundable creature, dressed in the sky of the day. Silently he´s shivering, not because of the fear… his nomadic soul desires for the wilderness. Pain, doom, wide pale sky and spry river bank of the stream hails the return of the spring. Queen of waters uncloaks cold blue skin with the purling fills your life.”

greek mythology/myth picspam series >> echo and narcissus

“One could only be the reflection of other people’s words, and the one could only pay attention to one reflection: his own. None could conquer what they wished for, the love of someone untouchable. Love and grief, when combined, kill the victim slowly, without mercy. Echo’s spirit will talk back to those who visit the mountain where she once lived until the end of days, and those who wander the lake will swear they could see someone staring back at them.”