gm pics


I ended up waiting, she said the main band was amazing so I took her word for it.
They were. They were beyond amazing. The vocalist was extremely into her music and I could feel it vibrating off of her. Being that passionate for music was a huge deal for me.

After they were done they headed over to the side. I quickly made eye contact with the lead vocalist but then everyone clamored over me to get to her. I ended up walking off. I didn’t know this band and I wasn’t too fond of celebrities, of any kind, to start with.

[actually just listen to all their songs. kbye.]

(Star wars d20)

We had recently had our npc leaders taken hostage and their lives set to be ended in 48 hours. One of the party was looking for info on the gang we believe responsible.

PC: So I use my connections to try and glean any information, *rolls*

GM: Yeah ok

PC: Do I find anything?

GM: Your datapad beeps. There is a new message on it.

PC: What’s in it

GM: Dick pic. Roll for arousal.