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Solas Romance D&D Session P5

GM: She finally catches you in front of the eluvian.

Solas: I stop walking and turn to face her.

GM: What do you say?

Solas: Um… what do I say?

GM: Remember, it’s been two years, and it was kind of a dick move the way you left.

Solas: … I guess… ah…

Solas: “I suspect you have questions.”

GM: … Really?

Solas: … It’s the best I’ve got.

GM: Your character has epic level intelligence.

Solas: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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GM: You see an apartment door, slightly ajar.
Player A: I go forward -
Me: Wait! I should check the door for traps! *rolls dice*
GM: What?
Player A: Why?
Me: … oh, wrong game …
—  (I’m currently involved in two different games: a D&D game, and a DC Heroes game. In the former I play a rogue in a traditional dungeon crawler campaign, in the latter I play a bruiser type in a modern setting where we mostly get into big combat fights. When the GM said “door” I had an automatic player reaction from years of mostly D&D gaming, and rolled to check for traps before I remembered where I was.)
unresolved questions about gmw

i was going through some stuff i had on my computer and found a bunch of theories, spoilers and predictions i wrote down last year before and during season 3 of girl meets world. 

some things i found still didn’t make complete sense and if you can answer any of these questions, please do.

  • In the #WorldMeetsGirl Twitter Q&A (from July 2nd 2016 I believe), MJ said that someone in the group (other than Riley) has a sibling. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember anyone else in the group having a sibling in season 3.
  • Not a question but they said the seniors would be in more episodes and they weren’t. They could have had some good conversations in GM Goodbye in my opinion. 
  • The whole ‘two couples happen and a third couple happens because of the two couples’ thing still doesn’t make much sense. We know that Rucas became official in Ski Lodge Part 2 but what about the other two couples? Even though Joshaya never officially got together you could count them as one because of the whole ‘long game’ thing, but what was the last couple? Some people are saying it was Zaya but they were never a couple. As much as I want Zaya to be real, from my understanding it was two friends being there for each other because they didn’t want to feel left out when their best friends went on dates. Someone please give me the answer to this one.
  • What was the clue that MJ was going on about for ages that started in the pilot and then continued in GM Yearbook (I think that’s what episode he said but I’m not completely sure) and then continues in GM New Year. What was this clue that was supposed to reveal the endgame of the show? I think it could be to do with just Riley and Maya’s friendship being the main theme of the show but many people have been saying this is to do with ships and I’m not sure.
  • What would have happened in GM the New Year if Uriah hadn’t been in that accident and Josh wasn’t written out of it? I don’t think any of you guys have the answer to that but it’s something I really want to know being a Joshaya shipper myself.
  • Literally 99% of the triangle didn’t make sense to me (mainly just because I’m a biased Lucaya shipper but whatever) but the whole thing of Maya’s identity crisis needs many questions answered. If Maya became Riley in GM Yearbook, does that mean at the campfire Maya was not being herself, but being Riley?
  • And what about the whole storyline about Maya making the discovery while being Riley that Rucas were more like brother and sister? What happened to that? I know in Texas 3 we see that Riley like-likes Lucas but that doesn’t make sense then. Why would Maya have found out that Riley and Lucas were like brother and sister in that episode if it was not true?
  • Just about the show in general, all the times someone posted on tumblr about theories and foreshadowing and all that stuff, were those things coincidences or did the writers purposely make sure all these things were that way?

I have so many more questions about GMW that I still want answers to but those are just some of them. Again, if you have answers, please do tell me. I know it’s been like half a year since the show ended but I still and probably will always love this show. 

There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat – The Art of Reskinning in RPGs

The Shardmind Mindslayer had Kidalis at its mercy, wrapped in a crystalline matrix. With a burst of psionic energy, he destroyed Kidalis’ mind, letting the human paladin fall to the deck of the ship, dead…

Gar Shatterkeel gestured, sending forth a cloud of tiny, nearly phantasmal shark jaws that tore at the Fire Wasps’ flesh, inflicting terrible wounds…

The gnomish inventor Dwight Westinghaus cranked the levers on a curious device, causing gears to turn, sparks to ignite, and a burst of flame to streak across the battlefield…

Pretty cool, huh? And all three are examples of moments from a 5th edition campaign, despite the fact that none of the things I described are found in the official handbooks.

Or are they?

Actually, viewed through a slightly different lens, the examples above were pretty prosaic. Kidalis was facing a Mind Flayer, Gar cast Insect Plague, and Dwight was just an Invoker casting Fire Bolt. These are all examples of a technique referred to as reskinning.

In this instance, reskinning refers to a process of taking something that already exists in the game, changing the visual description, giving it a little tweak (or not), and then using it in your campaign without alluding to the original source material. When done right, it makes something that will feel new even to experienced players, while not requiring the GM to do a lot of extra work.

But why would that be important?

Well, there can be different reasons. Some of you might be dealing with very experienced players, or players who’ve memorized the entire Monster Manual. Sure, you could get more monster books (Volo’s Guide or the Tome of Beasts, for example), but you can make something old seem novel without spending any more money.

An example I remember from an article years ago was about a GM who took Grimlocks and reskinned them as land-walking squids. His jaded players were stunned by these bizarre entities that were immune to illusion and invisibility spells, and they rifled through monster books wondering where the GM had found them. In this case, he gave them something new without any real effort.

It’s also a great technique for changing the flavor of an encounter to something more appropriate. In the case of Gar’s Jaws Storm, I just thought that tiny shark jaws were more thematically sensible for a worshipper of Olhydra than a bunch of bugs. And the Shardmind Mindslayer felt more personal than a Mind Flayer, given that the Fire Wasps count a Shardmind, the Shaper, among their numbers. It also let me play up the superstitious sailors they traveled with, muttering behind his back after the Mindslayer attack.

The Mindslayer did require a little tweaking. I gave it a 1/day Misty Step to simulate the Shard Swarm ability, and I changed its innate spells a little. Overall, however, it wasn’t much work at all.

In the example of Dwight Westinghaus, I can’t take credit. A player of mine really wanted to play a gnomish artificer in a game I was running, but I wanted to stick to the basic classes, since we were all still learning 5E. My friend Daniel asked, “What if I just play him as a wizard, but I roleplay all of his magic as crazy inventions?” Daniel is also eyeballing some reskinning options for how to have his Halfling fighter, Tilly Thistleshanks, multiclass into “Alchemist”, despite the fact that his Intelligence isn’t high enough to play an Artificer. We may soon have a Wild Magic Sorcerer whose spells are all explained as Tilly’s occasionally careless attempts at alchemy (sorry, everyone else in the game!)

So give it a try! Use reskinning to turn a troll into a self-healing fire elemental that requires cold damage to stop it from regenerating. A minotaur could be a swift-running maze-serpent. Have a fireball become a sound implosion with concussive thunder damage. Use a warlock as a gunslinger. Make the Tomb of Horrors a terrifying twist on a reality show, with prisoners condemned to death forced to participate for the amusement of viewers watching via the Arcane Eye Network. With a little work, you can present a world that’s almost entirely yours without much work at all.

coredesignixandnekonee  asked:

I feel like ranting, so I'm going to rant at you if that's allowed? I was at a con last august, sitting in the con suite, chatting away with two nice ladies and a nice but slightly overbearing guy. The youngest of the other three was probably at least ten years older than me. I managed to casually mentioned my religion. 1/?

“The one lady asked what it was, and before I even could open my mouth again the other two were explaining it in ways I didn’t see as fully true, citing one or two other friends, and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise. So, I kept trying to speak and kept getting talked over, until the conversation moved on and it would’ve been rude to bring it up again. 2/?

“I was right there, and I’ve grown up in the religion they were trying to describe, but because I was 17, and happened to admit that I might not be the be-all-end-all for asking questions, my input was basically denied.  And even believing that all religions hold a portion of the truth doesn’t stop hearing my religion described as “Unitarianism if it had come from an Islamic perspective” from stinging way more than it should’ve. 3/3 Thanks for the rant, I guess you can delete these if you want.”


Some people just do not want to hear anything from people Who Do Not Have The Life Experience To Ride This Ride.  And it’s infuriating and shitty and does not get any less so with time, unfortunately.

(Example: I lost the ability to stay awake for twenty-four hours without serious negative consequences when I was sixteen, which was earlier than most of my friends.  I complained about this to my gaming group, at which point my forty-five year old GM mocked me so hard that it still stings.  “You don’t know about getting old,” he said.  Yeah, well, I knew I had lost something because of time, and that was enough for me.)

Those people were shits.  I am sorry you encountered shits.  It will happen again.  Sometimes age is a valid measure of things–but more often, it’s what you’ve experienced/learned.  I know eighteen year olds who get to explain pregnancy; I still don’t.  Listen to people’s experiences.  When people won’t listen to yours, remember: they are shits, and you can walk away.

our love was made for movie screens;

pairing: riley matthews and lucas friar
word count: 1.5k
prompt: “day one: canon verse - something that takes place in the canon universe as we know it”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017
summary: lucas friar loves the movies, but he love seeing them with riley even more.
a/n: so, this is my first rucas oneshot, and it’s probably not that great, have mercy. the fic is set in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. there’s been a lot of references to rucas movie dates in the show (gm texas pt. 3 and gm the new year) but we never saw any of it, so i imagined what one of them was like. the movies mentioned are avengers age of ultron (cursed) and inside out (which i haven’t seen dfgjdfg) and the title is from all i want by kodaline. 

There was something special about going to the movies. Maybe it was splurging on overpriced buttery popcorn and sugary sweet chocolate, or finding the perfect seat to settle into. Perhaps it was escaping screams and the crushing weight of expectations, the feeling of knuckles and the taste of blood– the distraction of being transported into another world and focusing on someone else’s problems. But the best thing, to Lucas, was the company. He wasn’t always the best at talking to others, unsure of his words, but he didn’t have to talk when he was at the movies. Lucas was allowed to bask in presence of his friends, listen to their laughs and watch them cry, just be. The movies revealed the little things that made his newfound friends tick or burst out into grins. It helped him understand the crazy people who were Farkle, Maya, and Riley; while he seemed to fit in well with the three, he still had a lot to learn about the native New Yorkers.

Lucas Friar loved the movies, plain and simple.

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lmfao the nhl really wanted to nominate peter chiarelli for gm of the year when the day after the award is handed out, he trades eberle for a dude who can’t score more than 13 goals