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1d10 Shops #TableTuesday
  1. Pet Shop - This isn’t just any pet shop. This pet shop sells only creatures of reptilian origin. Snakes, lizards, turtles, and monitors. Being related to his product, doesn’t phase the lizard-folk shop owner.
  2. Wine Shop - Filled from wall to wall with wines from the ages. Some wines in the shop were created by great lords while others were made by orcs and goblins. The owner is a crotchety old man whose teeth have been stained by years of daily wine drinking.
  3. Hat Shop - Top hat, bowler, beret, bonnet, and turban. This shop has them all. If you need something to cover your head, Miss Wemblmore the halfling has what you need.
  4. Spice Shop - Spices have been an important part of society. These spices have all sorts of uses. Most pertain to flavoring foods, but some can be used medicinally and others magically. The shop keeper hails from far away lands and boasts stock representing her homelands.
  5. Furniture Shop - If you are looking to furnish a hovel, home, manor, or castle, furniture is a must. Making sure that your home has the proper furniture starts with picking the lumber and hiring the proper carpenter.
  6. Bone Shop - Entering a shop that sells bones can be a bit of a disturbing experience. Seeing the shopkeeper can be downright traumatizing. Goblin skulls, orc teeth, horse femurs, and tiefling jaws all find themselves in use in one way or another. Watch your back in the shop, no one knows where the shopkeep gets the human toes.
  7. Fruit Shop - Delicious, juicy, and colorful, this fruit shop boasts all the local produce you would see in a market. In the back of the shop they stock special fruits only found from far away and magical lands. Fruit that comes from living breathing trees, fruit that sprouts wings and flies, fruit that drips with liquid magma when cut open. This shop has it all.
  8. Adventurer Shop - A shop with a single book inside. Within the book is a list of names. Each name corresponds to an adventurer ready to go on a quest, for the right amount of coin. There is no shopkeep and the book mysteriously cannot be moved from its central pedestal. 
  9. Statue Shop - Each statue has been carefully and skillfully carved from dozens of materials ranging from wood to platinum. Perhaps a skilled artist could convince the shop owner of hosting his work in the shop to sell. 
  10. Seed Shop - If you want to start a farm, grow a tree, or observe the process of life, these seed will provide more than enough for your needs. Many seeds are of unknown origin and effect. Take a risk and reap the potential reward of your unknown crop.

What is your gamemaster style. We talk abput three diffrent kinds and the disadvantages and advantages to both

The “Madam X” 1935 Cadillac of Wes Rydell and created by Chip Foose, is in reality a 1939 Cadillac that has been shortened, converted to a two-door and styled after concept drawings by GM designer Art Ross.  Ross created those designs in ‘35 for a future model, but his concept was never produced…until now.  Goodguys Del Mar Nationals, Del Mar, CA.

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Hey followers - I’m starting back up from my hiatus here shortly, but before I do I want to get in a fresh supply of blogs to follow! I already follow a number of fantastic, great blogs, but I would love more. So! Please reblog this if you are a blog that fits any of the following “criteria” OR if you don’t, reblog this post and tag blogs that you know of that meet the “criteria”

I am looking for blogs that do ANY of the following

  • Share stories about d&d campaigns or other rpg campaigns
  • Share ideas for campaigns
  • Share ideas for dungeons
  • Share homebrew character classes, monsters, spells, items, etc…
  • Share inspiring art, items, quotes, etc.. for designing d&d/rpg related things
  • Shares funny rpg related material
  • Shares tips for better roleplayin/Player behavior
  • Shares tips for better DMing/GMing
  • Shares ways to develop characters or npc’s better
  • ANYTHING that blogs related to d&d, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, or any rpg systems

Thank you in advance for anything you guys find for me! I want plenty of interesting and great stuff to look at, so I appreciate the help immensely!

View of man and woman posing with 1959 Buick convertible at the edge of a lake. Woman holds umbrella. Label on sleeve: “General Motors, Buick, 1959.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library