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DAY6 - 놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)

I put so much effort into these chords LOL and yet they aren’t 100% accurate I know but hopefully they will satisfy your Day6 jamming needs! I cannot for the life of me figure out what chords go along with the intro and the twinkly-sounding part between the first chorus and second verse so I apologize for that. I may also do First Time if I can figure it out, so stay tuned! :)

DAY6 - Letting Go
-Capo 1-

Verse 1:
Gm D Gm D
Gm F#m Bm Em 

Chorus 1:
D Gm D (Gm)
Bm x4
G F#m Em A7

Verse 2:
Gm D Gm D
Gm F#m Fm Em 

Repeat Chorus 1

Chorus 2:
D Gm D Gm
Bm Bm Am D
G F#m Em A 

Bm E A D (A)
Bm E A 
Bm E A D (A)
Bm E A A7~~~

End with chorus x2


So…this happened…EME GM Halrath came to visit Velika. We proceeded to bug him with questions about Tera and asked him to give us his blessing in which he teleported us first into the middle of nowhere and then above the grand city and dropping us.

Oridan and the other Mystics decided to coat the whole area around Khaeden with motes, to which Halrath stopped in whatever shenanigans he was doing elsewhere, to check out what on earth we were all doing.

He ported Oridan before Khaeden so I bugged him to drop me too. 

I almost choked on my tic tacs while laughing.

Patient is the Night
Chris Issak
Patient is the Night

Hello everyone. I wanted to learn how to play this song on my ukulele, so I mapped out the chords for it and now I’m sharing that with you. Hope you enjoy!

F                                         Dm

Along the fields of straw and stover

Gm                      G

Clocked in ‘til the work day’s over

Em                  A          Dm

Time’s a gentle stream, longer than it seems


Patient is the night

F                              Dm

How I long to see her face now

Gm                      G

Her starry moonlit gaze now

Em                          A         Dm

I know she’s never late, still anxiously I wait

F                  C

Patient is the night


F Dm Gm G

Em A Dm Am

F Dm Gm G


Em                        A          Dm

I know she’s never late, still anxiously I wait

F                    C

Patient is the night.

i have this headcanon that whenever nitori gets even a lil frustrated he cries

so one day he’s like pISSED at rin bc he’s being a dick(surprise surprise) and he starts crying a lil and rin notices like “omg nitori are u ok i didnt mean it,,,” and nitori’s fuCKIN G LIKE “SN EPAI I S WEAR TO GOD I CCANT EVEN FUCKCING STAND YOU ANYMOR E HOLYL SHI T IF YOURE SORRRY FUCKINCG ACT LIKE IT  OKAY"and he’s trying to be aggressive and all but he’s crying really hard and hE’S THE UGLIEST CRIER IN THE WORLD so rin jus t feels really bad he doesnt get intimidated UBT NITORI WANTS HIM TO BE INTIMIDATED but rin just cANT  feel threatened by nitori especially when he’s crying like this

so rin sighs and pulls him into his chest and starts stroking his hair and nitori’s like fLAILING LIKE "GE  T OFF OH GM YGO DD LEA V EME ALONE G  ET AWA WY FROM   M E” and rin’s jsut like “shhhhhh shh shhhhh shhhh shhh” and eventually nitori just stops fighting back and starts sobbing into his chest  yelling things like “GOd your'e so horrible why do i eve n try i should ve jus t left while i had the c ahnce but now im fcucing stuck with   you are youy fuckin g happy senpai  ??/” and rin shrugs and mutters “actually yeah im p happy” and nitori looks up and he’s like  2 seconds away from flipping out again but rin continues like “im happy you’re still here with me, ai. im sorry.” and nitori cant say anything he jsut burries his face back into rin’s chest and starts crying even harder and rin just holds him until he passes out   a