More master tests this weekend and despite some buggy behaviour sometimes, Glyphs is really intuitive and easy to use. As I don’t own Fontlab in my home office I am trying to make the most out of this app and report how it goes from time to time.

The type (warning—euphemism!) has three weight masters and six instances for now. Only ‘n’ and ‘o’ has been defined (more or less—I would say sketchy).


Glyphs App is just too awesome.

1.) Real-time master compatibility view in glyph window.

The colored segments indicate the compatibility of the segments. Red means that there is a line in one master and a curve in the other. These masters will not interpolate at all. Yellow means that the paths are of the same type but have a di"erent angle. They will interpolate but may yield an unexpected result: di"erences in angles can turn smooth connections into so-called ‘kinks’, i.e., corners. Green segments are fully compatible.

Btw, there is a brand new manual to Glyphs online.

2.) In the same place you can type in text and set glyphs’s master versions next to each other as well.


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Georg has implemented a new feature in Glyphsapp following my suggestion via twitter. Now you can disable the automatic alignment of components when importing a file. This is useful for working with Cyrillic, that has Latin component with different metrics.


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