🌸 Regram from Houston #cutiepie @hime_cosplay 🌸 “The Delta H Con Fashion Show was a success! A big thank you to  @gothiclolitawigs for letting me keep the ullzang wig 💖 it was an awesome opportunity and everyone looked so cute! I can’t wait to upload more pictures ✨”


MITT x Ashlee Arika x James’ 5 series wagon

Lol I made all three of our Kitty ears like an hour before going to the festival! xD; I also put together all three of our #coordinates! :> I think we’re all really cute even though I slapped everything together last minute~ lolol #ShoutOut to #MyVegasMommy!!! I won tickets to the festival on their social media contest xD
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@superj3rk @rinacali (at Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival)


WekFest Hawaii 2011 // Jay.Aye Photography

💗Regram from the totally #adorable @sally_helliquinn in our genuine #RhapsodyWig 💗 #dreamhair
“I’m wearing Gothic lolita lavender to pink shade. I am in love with this wig.”

New editorial in @borealis_mag featuring our beautifully styled #TriflectWig
Editorial | Amphibious
Photography & Art Direction | @SequoiaEmmanuelle
Wardrobe Stylist | Jessica Huerta MademBlack @mademblack
Makeup Artist | Julie Brooks @muse_mua Make-up Assistant | @_kimberlyyoung Artist
Hair Stylist | Tara Kerfoot @tara_yer_hair_a Model: @guetcha Wigs by @rockstarwigs
Glitter by @litcosmetics

today was a v successful magical girl day !! krista, kyle and i went to starbucks together, then we ate thai food, got birthday cake flavored popcorn, and went shopping !!! lots of people asked us if we were dressing up for a special occasion or “performing” lmao but lots of compliments on our cute pastel selves !! 


Jennifer Nguyen

she can wash the dirty out of me lol

(not my vid