Decided to put together an outfit pieces from few of my favorite artists and designers!!! Changing the shorts..more ombre denim shorts  Thinking wearing it one of the days to Dragon Con* :)

Camilia’s /Gunkiss: Z-Cutie Top

Ayu’s / Meltydeam: Black Eyeball Headbow

Eden’s / We’re All Mad Here: Lime Zombie Socks

ILD Coords at Disney 2014 (2/2)

Epcot Coord! I wanted to show my support for Duffy and Donald so I wore sailor. <3

Dress and necklace: Marine Border Metamorphose temps de fille
Hat and bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Cardigan: Hellbunny
Bag: Morrigan NYC
Wristcuffs: Belladonna
Belt: Offbrand, Torrid
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline

FINALLY! Someone else who doesn’t hate all this weeaboo stuff! Like seriously! It really annoys me how people are bagging out ‘weaboos’. Just because they like a culture and like everything about that culture and want to live there, live the culture, experience the culture, or even want to date asian/Japanese people then thats totally fine! I see nothing wrong with it! NOTHING!
I see nothing wrong with people loving a culture that is not their own!
If people want to call me a weeb, then so be it. I love Japan. I want to experience Japan, its culture and its people!
Weebs dont have to be considered 'Japan lovers’. There are other people out there who LOVE other cultures, but no we dont go around saying 'Oh that person loves England too much haha that person is such an English weeb!’, people are only bagging out those who love Japanese culture. It so annoys me. More people should be happy that there are people out there that love different cultures other than their own.
Rant finished.
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