gothiclolitawigs💜CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SHOOT - LONDON!!!💜 Here is a shot of valued UK customer Ashie who was one of the models selected to show off her alternative style for our London shoot with photographer and #mua @missbonesmakeup using @StarCrushedMinerals. / WHERE IN THE WORLD SHOULD WE SHOOT NEXT?

💖#GLW #CustomerAppreciation Shoot (L.A.) with #conceptual photographer @SequoiaEmmanuelle.💖 MODELS (⌚Top Left): @lovelylor, @skullitagram,  LydiaDoll, @moonbabes //LASHES: @dolluxe //#MUAs: @muse_mua & @_kimberlyyoung.

anonymous asked:

Hey I know this is like WAY beyond late, but I figured better late then never, right? So I deleted tumblr a long time ago and completely forgot about your blog, I'm so sorry!!! Anyway I just remembered recently I never finished GLW so I got the app back so damn fast and read the whole series again even faster. I just wanted to let you know you're awesome for adding that bit where they were doing each other's makeup and I love your whole blog😘!!!(I think that's enough of my awkward-ness😂😬)

I’m glad the series was so memorable! Haha there’s also a series for Angelo now too, called Good Little Witch (Devin and Serena show up in it too, later on).

And better late then never is completely true! You found the blog again, and that’s awesome! Also, bring forth all the awkwardness you want here, it’s very welcome!