gothiclolitawigs💜CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SHOOT - LONDON!!!💜 Here is a shot of valued UK customer Ashie who was one of the models selected to show off her alternative style for our London shoot with photographer and #mua @missbonesmakeup using @StarCrushedMinerals. / WHERE IN THE WORLD SHOULD WE SHOOT NEXT?

anonymous asked:

I'm so glad Wednesday is tomorrow, and I'm thankful you write GLW, it gives me something to look forward to when I get down

I’m happy that it makes you happy! But it’s also the last update for Angelos series anyway :/

I do have a Ryan series lined up to immediately take its place for next Wednesday, however it’s something completely different and it might be a nice change anyway lol

anonymous asked:

I cannot wait for your new Ryan series!!! And I'm very happy that you continue to write and always seem to find the time to entertain us, thank you!

Aww thank you ! :) I’m so excited to post it! I actually debated posting it along with glw, buy I haven’t had any time to actually write in a while, and I figure I can get an extra six weeks of content out there for you guys!

If I’d posted it earlier, I wouldn’t have anything at all!

So I always try to have something to post lol

I just hope you like it!

It’s a big difference from the glw series, it’s more normal I guess? Hope you like!

thelittleredpandagirl  asked:

GLW 11 was so damn awesome!😱 Horror gave the impression of a child left alone in a candy store, I really enjoyed it😂 And Red is such a badass! I mean she smashed the skull of this bloody bastard, when she could have given him a heart attack😏

She’s never been about going out gently! Plus, it seemed more appropriate that way! I think everything went quite well in my opinion lol

Horror is so cute! I love writing him that way! Lol

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Confession: I never saw more than one pic of Angelo until GLW, you may or may not have influenced my perspective of him....

He’s actually a good dude, very quiet irl lol he also now has short blondish hair with a blonde lady too! Angelo in glw is completely different lol but still loveable!