Blood calls for blood, while hatred begets hatred, and the energy that comes forth begins to take root in this earth and engraves a crest of blood. They never learn, no matter how many times history is repeated.

H u m a n s are foolish, sorrowful creatures.

Please fire me. As the cook in a small restaurant, I take dietary requirements very seriously. So when people ring in and book I ask them on the phone to disclose any allergies/intolerances. Despite doing so, I still manage to get individuals (such as the following one) who show up and demand I cook them something suited to their requirements, even though when they tell me over the phone they had none. This is especially difficult when their said requirements are hard to cook for when i have no appropriate ingredients on hand.
On Saturday a lady who is part of a big group shows up, and literally squeezes her overlarge self INTO my kitchen (???) and tells me she is Coeliac, Lactose free, and has an allergy to garlic and onions, and demands I cook her a meal “just as good as everyone elses.” So I tell her not to eat any of the Share platters I put out for everyone else, and I will make her a suitable meal of her own. 30 minutes later, I personally take this meal out to this woman, to find her eating a SHARE PLATE of zucchini fritters which contain Gluten, Lactose, Garlic and Onions.


According to the Department of Awesome Overindulgence, the only thing better than a decadent milkshake is the same milkshake served in a cup that’s at least as delicious at the milkshake itself. Perry Santanachote of Thrillist concocted a mouthwateringly over-the-top recipe for a Candy Bar Milkshake that consists of a milkshake made of ice cream, milk, and candy bars served in an edible cup.

The sides of this glorious cup are made of chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and nougat (like a Snickers), while the base is made of shortbread cookie and caramel (like a Twix). We are fully prepared to get rid of all of our glassware right this minute if it means getting our hands on a continuous supply of these delectable drinking vessels.

Click here for the complete recipe and instructions.

[via Neatorama and Thrillist]