„Das Essen ist hier einfach zu lecker!“

Das du Stammgast bist sieht man dir auch leider an.

Man beachte sein schmales (verschämtes) Gesicht, den Knödelfriedhof hat er sich erst seit kurzem angefressen. Hat da ein neuer Student sein Lieblingsimbiss entdeckt?


Inktober #2, #3 and #4.

Mako is one of the noisiest characters from anime I know (I guess she only loses to Excel from Excel Saga).

Dark Magician Girl is one of my fav cards from yugioh (but my all time fave is Time Wizard).

And I decided to draw Glutony becuz I thought that drawing Kirby would be cheating.

Also, my brush pen is probably dying, I need to ressurrect it using a powerful technique that has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations! a brazillian fix i do becuz brushpens are expensive, so I just open and put ink in it.

anonymous asked:

Will you do a species chart for angels(or something similar) later like you did with demons? Are glutony demon taxes so high because of their eating habits? Or something else? It is interesting that demons inhabit human society (somewhat). And Faust mentioned demons and angels being similar. Does this imply that angels are cretures of belief like demons of emotions?

I will definitely do one for the angels as well! Here’s a bit about taxes!

Since Gluttony demons belong to the Gula kingdom, their king can take as many taxes from them as he wants. The golems the Gluttony demons have are also much bigger, and some even have multiple golems in them (this is the reason for their big stomachs). Failing to feed the golems will lead to the golems becoming aggressive and they will start to eat the host from the inside.

About what Faust said, demons and angels truly do share alot of similarities. Something neither of them like to admit. Demons and angels come from the same place, their horns and halos are both vital parts, and recently it has also been discovered that demons and angels are capable of breeding together.