Latest morning kick

So lately I’ve been on a gluten-free / dairy-free elimination+challenge kick, and maybe I’ll write a separate post about that later on. Yeah, it’s popular these days as it is offered at many restaurants and grocery stores, along with lots of research out there, but I’m doing it to try and heal my eczema skin condition that I’ve had ever since I can remember. Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with my breakfast options. This is just one meal I’ve conjured up for after coming home from a 2hr ride in the morning that is quick, easy, and tasty.

Gluten-free oats

Chia seeds

Goji berries

Blueberries (I put some pineapple in there because it was at my disposal)


Gluten-free granola (sometimes I put 2 different types)

Justin’s almond butter

Pumpkin seeds