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I just made the best pancakes!

(Makes 3-4 amarican-styled pancakes.)

1 ripe banana
2 dl oats (about a cup)
1 dl water (about half a cup)
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
Half a teaspoon of baking powder.

Process until smooth. Leave for a few minutes to thicken. Cook on frying pan with a little coconut oil for about 3-4 minutes on each side.

Amazing served with fresh banana slices and/or berries, cinnamon and maple syrup!

They’re very filling and can be eaten as breakfast, no problemo amigo, and they’re healthy too (ur welcome)

Hogwarts! Joshua

Requested by anon: “can you write seventeen hogwarts au? Joshua is possible?”

  • everyone knew about Joshua Hong 
  • the perfect perfect
  • he was a fifth year Hufflepuff 
  • same house and year as you 
  • so you saw him often as you both shared classes 
  • it came as no surprise when he was chosen as a prefect 
  • but he was surprisingly cool, letting minor things go if it didn’t endanger anyone or if it was for special occasions 
  • especially if they were his friends, he just couldn’t say no to them 
  • everyone’s favorite prefect because he was so nice and liked giving warnings rather than punishments 
  • caught out past curfew by a few minutes, 
  • he’d show you a secret passage to getting back to the dorms without running into teachers 
  • if you passed him on the train, he’d stop to compliment you after asking you how your summer went 
  • and no surprise he knew the lady pushing the trolley around on a first name basis 
  • and asking her how her family was and everything 
  • and complimenting her uniform
  • she always slipped him chocolate frog cards he didn’t have for his collection 
  • and he’d thank her and buy out half the trolley before sharing it with all the kids in the next few carriages 
  • Joshua was good at everything, smart and friendly too 
  • not a single person could find something wrong with the guy or criticize him in any way 
  • no matter what house someone was in, they new Joshua Hong
  • because the guy did everything 
  • perfect exam scores in charms, potions, DATDA, transfiguration, herbology 
  • you name it, Hong Jisoo did well in it 
  • and he was so nice to everyone and a gentleman wherever he went  
  • holding open doors to classrooms for people or picking up fallen quills or books that people dropped and returning it to them with a small smile 
  • one time a girl accidentally set the quill she was writing with on fire from a wayward charm 
  • Joshua had quickly extinguished it with aguamenti and gave her a new quill 
  • suffice to say, plenty of witches had crushes on him 
  • and no one could hate the guy for anything 
  • literally, if you tried hating him, Joshua somehow managed to make you like him 
  • disliked him for being too smart? 
  • he’d say he wasn’t really smart, he just tries hard to study his best and he has smart friends who show him how to do stuff 
  • and then talk about some random episode of spongebob bc it’s Joshua
  • which plenty of people wouldn’t understand except the other muggle borns 
  • he’d be a huge dork quoting random episodes and just being a meme 
  • everyone was always asking him for advice or to look over their homework for them 
  • and although he never lets anyone copy his 
  • goody two shoes you know
  • he somehow had the time to always give advice to everyone and save their grade 
  • he played as a chaser for Hufflepuff’s Quidditch team too 
  • it wasn’t enough to be intelligent, he was athletic and dedicated too
  • spending even stormy days out in the field practicing long after some of his teammates had called it quits 
  • looked damn fine in quidditch robes too yes 
  • in his third year, he had led the Hufflepuff team to victory 
  • scored 30 points in the last minutes before their seeker finally caught the snitch, bringing the score to 270-300 
  • he was every teacher’s favorite too 
  • they couldn’t help it 
  • he was always offering to help out teachers with anything they may need 
  • although he didn’t sit in the front of any of his classes 
  • and he was too quiet to raise his hand to answer any questions sometimes 
  • if a teacher ever made the mistake of assuming Joshua wasn’t listening to the question 
  • they got roasted as Joshua Hong not only got the question right, but probably corrected some error they made in their lecture earlier 
  • which he would only point out in the most respectful and polite way
  • “Professor, did you mean to say aconite or monkshood instead of mandragora?“ 
  • and if no one knew the answer to a question 
  • all Joshua needed was a glance from the teacher and he’d have the correct answer ready to go 
  • the boy sang in chorus too 
  • his voice was heavenly 
  • some magical entity had to have graced Joshua with every goddamn talent in the universe 
  • he supposedly played guitar amazingly well 
  • only his dorm mates knew though, he always packed his guitar in his trunk somehow 
  • and brought it out to play sometimes 
  • it always surprised everyone when they found out he was muggle born
  • like he was too good at everything wtf how have you only been doing magic for a few years 
  • but no one dared say anything about it 
  • bc he had so many friends from all the houses 
  • say something mean about Joshua or just something even remotely critical 
  • and like five different people will interject saying how he’s basically a human unicorn 
  • and how dare you call Shua anything but the perfect prefect 
  • and he could easily beat anyone in a duel if his friends dragged him into one 
  • and probably profusely apologize while bowing at ninety degrees and helping bandage and heal any injuries he may have caused 
  • it was theorized he might have a time-turner 
  • how else could he get all his papers done and still manage quidditch practice and chorus? 
  • and also reorganizing textbooks in the library with his wand while the librarian recommended him books he hadn’t read before since he had read many of them 
  • and helping the kitchen elves by explaining the concept of lactose intolerance and gluten free and other things that helped people with dietary restrictions and food allergies feel comfortable eating all food 
  • he also helped an elf who once tripped over the recently mopped floor
  • Madam Pomfrey was always glowing about Shua bc he always brought students who were sick flowers and books to read and always gave her chocolates 
  • he also was often seen consoling random paintings and ghosts in Hogwarts and he knew all of them by their first names 
  • and while some people wanted to hate Joshua 
  • he could say a few words and any negative feelings you had toward him were gone 
  • “You really deserved that win, you guys have been practicing so hard lately on the quidditch field, good job!“ 
  • "How did you you come up with a way to start your potions paper so well? I should be asking you to edit mine." 
  • "you have to show me that spell you did the other day with the lights and confetti, I want to use it for a friend’s birthday.”
  • “My owl? Oh his name is Flufferson, I have a picture do you want to see? He’s probably somewhere flying around, enjoying the fresh air, the cutie.”
  • “I have a puppy at home, it’s a Maltese and I named it Sebongie, I think it’s a cute name." 
  • on weekends, you could probably see Joshua buying sugar quills for some third years who had forgotten their silver sickles or bronze knuts
  • or in the common room teaching kids how to use his iPhone to watch YouTube and anime 
  • always with his group of friends from all the houses 
  • his group of friends was big, 13 of them in all 
  • his best friends were Jeonghan from slytherin and Seungcheol from Gryffindor since they were all the same age 
  • one time, Jeonghan had tried to prank some Hufflepuff students by hexing their book bags into releasing a bunch of little rubber snakes 
  • but he was caught by Joshua 
  • and Joshua made him apologize 
  • you don’t mess with Joshua’s kids 
  • the next day Jeonghan’s clothes kept dropping rubber snakes everywhere
  • Joshua would hide his laughter behind his hand and then compose himself 
  • “That should actually keep you awake in potions then." 
  • and everyone around them would be dying from laughter and patting Joshua on the back 
  • for a gentleman the guy knew how to be savage sometimes 
  • ofc as a fifth year in Hufflepuff you knew Joshua 
  • you even sat pretty close to him in charms 
  • and although you couldn’t hate the guy 
  • it gets low key annoying when your friends always act like his biggest fan
  • "Shua’s practicing down at the quidditch field, GET THE SIGNS GIRLS!" 
  • "We have a transfiguration exam y'all what are you doing?" 
  • "Supporting our Hong Jisoo, y/n. The quidditch match is next weekend and we want to beat the slimy smiles off of those Slytherins’ faces." 
  • one day in charms the professor had to assign a partner project 
  • naturally everyone paired up 
  • and you’re like chill I’ll just ask
  • you look around and all your friends are already paired up 
  • and of course you’re like great forever alone that’s me I need to get me an even number of friends… 
  • "Y/n do you need a partner?” Joshua asks you from the seat two students down from you 
  • and everyone goes quiet
  • because Joshua usually always partners up with one of his friends 
  • and you look to his normal friend group 
  • and see sure enough all of them have partners too 
  • “Sure, Joshua.” You say scrunching your nose
  • at least you’ll actually have a partner who tries and doesn’t make you do all the work by yourself (LIKE LAST TIME COUGH COUGH YOUR FRIEND) 
  • you both decide to meet at the library the next weekend to work on it 
  • “OMG y/n Joshua never asks anyone outside his friend group. What if he likes you?!?!? You guys would be such a power couple ACK." 
  • "Shut up.” you laugh and playfully hit your friend’s arm while packing your book bag 
  • “I’m not pretty enough for everyone’s golden gentleman Joshua, he was just being nice because you all ditched me." 
  • "I’m glad we did, make me the maid of honor at your wedding and thank me later." 
  • when you reach the library, Joshua is already there talking to Jeonghan 
  • "The girl in your charms class? Well whatever we can hang out next weekend. But Shua that assignment isn’t due in weeks… makes sense the both of you are smart aleks." 
  • you clear your throat 
  • "welp bye Joshua, oh and we’re all getting butter beer later at hogsmeade don’t forget." 
  • Joshua laughs and waves Jeonghan goodbye 
  • "it’s a nice day, should we sit out by the lake and say hi to the giant squid?" 
  • "sure I guess" 
  • you didn’t want to have a crush on Joshua 
  • bc then you’d be one of those girls, the ones always trailing behind him and trying to get his attention 
  • and walking by fluttering their eyelashes and saying "Hey Joshua." 
  • but as you were both crossing the grounds to the lake 
  • you kept giving him sideways glances 
  • the way his light brown hair became lightly tousled in the breeze - or his small smile 
  • or the gentle humming of a song you weren’t familiar with 
  • Focus you’re working on an assignment geez 
  • you both sat down at the edge of the lake and brainstormed ideas for your project 
  • and somewhere along the way the convo shifted to just talking about summer and your home 
  • "You’re muggle born too? Then have you ever watched Naruto?" 
  • Joshua was a dork you realized, a cute one 
  • "Sebongie? Yea I miss her like crazy, I was tempted to bring her in my trunk but I have Flufferson already." 
  • ah shit 
  • you were starting to like like Joshua 
  • he was too nice and cute especially when talking about his pets and how they brightened his day 
  • or the many hilarious adventures he had with his friends 
  • or how he missed his family 
  • he was a good listener too 
  • you talked about your hamster at home 
  • it loved eating carrots and you had originally wanted to name it mochi 
  • but you had settled for Carrot after it’s favorite food 
  • and you told Joshua about how you had always loved playing quidditch with your family but you never tried out for the Hufflepuff team 
  • his friends must have caught on to your feelings before Joshua did, Joshua was kind of clueless about all the crushes people had on him
  • Jeonghan ended up putting his arm on your shoulder while walking to the library to meet up with Joshua 
  • "You should just tell him you like him." 
  • "and get a pity rejection, lmao in what world would I do that Jeonghan.”
  • “Suit yourself.” He said giving you a sly smile 
  • right before shoving you into a broom closet 
  • and locking the damn door behind you 
  • "You should thank your friend later, she told me about your little crush on our Shua, luckily for you I approve." 
  • you tried unlocking the door with your wand but to no avail 
  • you even tried picking the lock with a hairpin 
  • "Hey y/n listen to this." 
  • "Jeonghan I’m telling the head of slytherin later get ready for your ass whooping." 
  • but you hear someone running down the hallway outside the door 
  • "Jeonghan what do you mean y/n got in an accident? Where is she?" 
  • you go dead silent, it’s Joshua 
  • "Yah, look you came running and everything if you like her just tell her geez." 
  • you hold your breath as you hear what Joshua says next 
  • "She probably doesn’t like me back ok? I’m not good at these things, she’s cute and interesting and I’m boring and I don’t know ok Jeonghan, just tell me where she is no time for jokes we have to work on the project.”
  • “alright, I’d like to just say that you brought this upon yourself and you can thank me later." 
  • "what are you talking about Jeonghan-" 
  • and the closet door clicks open and Jeonghan pushes Joshua, where he bumps into you sending the both of you sprawling on the floor and the door slams shut yet again
  • Joshua picks himself up and helps you up 
  • and even in the dim closet you can see him blushing like crazy 
  • you’re probably no better you feel like you have a fever that won’t. go. away. Goddamnit. 
  • "Jeonghan underestimates me.” He said giving a nervous chuckle and reaching for his wand 
  • he easily unlocks the door 
  • and Jeonghan is out there bending over dying of laughter 
  • and both you and Joshua are just blushing like crazy and awkwardly standing next to each other 
  • “Did you hear everything?” Joshua says so quietly it’s almost a whisper - “yes?” You say 
  • Joshua’s eyes widen and he gives Jeonghan (who’s still laughing even harder now at the sight of the two of you) a glare 
  • Joshua points his wand at Jeonghan LIKE boi I’ll be seeing you later - Jeonghan runs away cackling down the hallway 
  • “You can just pretend it didn’t happen.” Joshua says flustered looking everywhere but your face 
  • “I’ll understand if you don’t like me ba-" 
  • "It was driving me crazy did you really not know I like you too Joshua?” Wow did I just say that, stupid stupid stupid whyyyyy you think to yourself
  • he looks up at you in surprise 
  • “Wait really? Jeonghan isn’t paying you to say that right?" 
  • "lmao no I’m going to murder Jeonghan after this." 
  • "I’d help you but he’s my best friend so…" 
  • "Do you want to maybe just get a butter beer at Hogsmeade instead?" 
  • "I’d love to." 
  • and from then on you two were known as darling couple 
  • Hogwarts’ gentleman Joshua and you 
  • basically everyone’s relationship goals 
  • and your friend groups both took responsibility for getting you two together
  • Joshua would send you little notes that were folded into cranes and bewitched to float over to your desk 
  • and everyone would sigh and think how sickeningly adorable seeing you read his message 
  • and looking at all the little hearts he had doodled during class 
  • "Joshua Hong, let me repeat the question.” The professor would say 
  • “I never usually have to ask you twice what’s wrong?" 
  • "Joshua got a girlfriend, professor." 
  • and the whole class would burst out laughing with you and Joshua blushing like crazy and his friends wolf whistling 
  • you’d walk with each other to your next class with your hand in his 
  • "Get a room Shua, no one needs to see this.” Jeonghan smirked as he walked towards the potions classroom in the dungeons - you and Joshua both just ignore him 
  • “Let’s hex his clothes again with those snakes." 
  • "Better yet, can we lock him in a broom closet?" 
  • "Deal." 
  • and you both walk into your next class, plotting Jeonghan’s imminent doom together

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Chipotle Lime Edamame

This was about 50% of my diet all winter. It’s gluten free, nut free, vegan, easy to make, high in protein, and keeps in the fridge for forever. It’s best served cold, so no need to heat it up!


  • One bag frozen, microwavable, shelled edamame
  • 1-2 limes, depending on how limey you like things
  • Shelled pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • Chipotle powder
  • Salt and pepper


  • Cook edamame according to instructions on bag
  • Cut lime(s) into quarters and squeeze onto edamame
  • Add chipotle powder, salt, and pepper to taste
  • Sprinkle seeds on top

Protip: always add seeds immediately before serving, otherwise they will get soggy in the fridge. 

Congratulations, you just ate a green thing! 

I ate at a restaurant today for the first time since I got diagnosed.

I have coeliacs disease and as such, I can’t eat at restaurants. If I’m hungry when I’m out, tough. I have to wait until I get home because only the supermarkets have gluten-free food, and it’s usually food that has to be heated up or cooked. The snacks aren’t healthy and a lot of gluten free food is high in salt, fat and sugar.

I can’t eat out at restaurants even if they have gluten free alternatives because I cannot guarantee that my food hasn’t come into contact with wheat or gluten. Even a breadcrumb will set off the extremely unpleasant reaction I have to gluten. So I have to be careful and not take the risk.

I briefly mentioned to my parents two days ago that I miss the normality of being able to eat at a restaurant. I miss being able to say, ‘I’m hungry, let’s go eat somewhere’ instead of, 'how long until I can go home to eat food?’. It was a passing comment and I thought nothing more of it.

But last night my parents told me that we were going out for lunch. I was annoyed, thinking they were ignoring the fact that I wouldn’t even be able to eat chips from anywhere that isn’t home because they’re probably fried with battered items, but they assured me it was completely safe for me.

So I went. I told the waiter I had to have gluten free food. I was expecting funky-tasting food, like most gluten free things. And do you know? I LOVE being wrong sometimes.

The food was so good I was fangirling and I couldn’t stop smiling. The chicken was chunky and tender, the bacon was crispy, the mayonnaise was healthy and high quality, the bread held well together and wasn’t grainy. The coffee and tea were high quality as well and even the desserts had a high quality gluten free section.

For the first time in almost two years, I felt normal doing something that people without food allergies or preferences probably take for granted.

And that feeling means the world to me.

I work at a place like Seedling, Traitor Hoe’s, Grocer’s Natural, and Whole Paycheck. You know what kind of vibe I’m going for, the whole.. vegan, hoity toity, gluten free kind of vibe for rich people.

Although, since working there I have come to realize that it really doesn’t live up to the stereotype. You won’t find coke or Doritos, we don’t sell snickers or Lay’s. But we DO sell candy and chocolate (even things like sour patch kids and gummy sharks, just not in the typical packaging from the company). We have chips, and we sell a lot of “normal” groceries - rice, beans, bread, chicken, I dunno? Random stuff you’d find in a regular grocery store. Just different brands.

Well, we also actually do have a wide variety of gluten free things, organic things, specialty items, vegan items, and the like. So we live up to the stereotype partially, I guess my point is that after working here I’ve basically dismissed the idea of “snobby rich fad store”. (Not that veganism is a fad, I’m just trying to describe a general idea of a type of store.) To me, my store is just another grocery store, though maybe a bit of a different one.

People don’t always come here cause they want to eat healthy, sometimes people just come in for really nice sales, very amazing produce, VITAMINS, or specialty items you can’t find at Wal-Mart. I totally understand that.

Anyways, I was working as a courtesy clerk today (usually a cashier) because none of them were scheduled to close for some asinine reason. One of my tasks was to sweep around the produce department.

And despite my laidback attitude about our store not being exclusionary and just a regular place, I have to admit I was a bit amused when I had to sweep up a chicken nugget.

The Gluten Free Hotdog

Summary: I’m still mad about this. I have the need to tell us that this is shit and a delirium.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader.

Words: 250


The Gluten Free Hotdog

“Oh, c’mon, babe. Please forgive me”

You rolled your eyes, giving him your back and don’t even bothering in looking at him.

“I won’t, Sebastian. Take me home; or even better… let me call Robert. We could go for that gluten free hotdog” You were using your coldest tone with him and you didn’t even care.

“Please, babe. It was a joke”

You didn’t look at his face. You knew he was undoubtedly pouting. This was the first time you got that mad with him and maybe it wasn’t that horrible.

“That wasn’t funny and you know that”

He walked around you to get in front of you and took your chin carefully for you to look at him.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Please, let me make this up to you. I know that is hard to find places to eat and that you hate when people misunderstand your health as a fad”

He clearly knows what to said. He always does. That’s why you couldn’t be mad at him for more than 10 minutes.

“I’ll forgive you. But you will formally apologise to fans and you will take me to dinner tonight”

“My pleasure,” he said finally kissing your lips.

“And you will get us a Team Iron Man shirt to wear in the next Comic Con”

anonymous asked:

Hi! You talk about fan fic a lot- what are your favorites?

Uhh I might have posted this answer before? Maybe not. Here you go!


What if another one of Kai’s victims was trapped with him in 1994? Skye tries to forge friendships with Bonnie and Damon in order to get home, but will she be able to fight against Kai’s machinations? Or will she give into them like always?

by @tjbinx, The Vampire Diaries


but still, like dust, i’ll rise

Elena returns from the Other Side human. With the knowledge that the only thing more valuable than doppelganger blood is human doppelganger blood, and the desperate need to get out Mystic Falls at any cost, Elena turns to the one place she’s sure she’ll be safe: New Orleans.

certain dark things

AU from 2x10. The doppelganger is alive, and ready to surrender. Damon and Elijah are both too late; Elena is taken to Klaus just like she wanted, one month before the next full moon, and one month before he’s going to kill her. It’s a dangerous game she has to play, and Elena knows better than to think she could win it; all she can do is whatever it takes to maybe, just maybe, not lose.

by @alisonhastings, The Vampire Diaries


bewitched me body & soul 

She will not lose herself and she will cling onto the name that has defined her for ten years. Elena Gilbert is not going to be the thief of hearts or a plot-tool. No, she will be her own character in this tale, the heroine who will not let anyone dictate who she should be.

A smile curled her lips, a new one this face has never made.

Write her own story.

She liked the sound of that.

(Where Elena Gilbert remembers her past doppelganger lives and isn’t going to stand being used as a sacrifice or a martyr this time around. Doppelganger mythology, Original drama, the Salvatores, and a whole lot more come into play. Let the dices roll. Let it begin.)

by SSAerial, The Vampire Diaries


Sink or Swim 

All her life it had felt like a struggle to stay afloat, and she was hell bent on swimming. But when she finds herself completely submerged under water, she doesn’t exactly get a choice in the matter. Jamie Gilbert’s life was a wreck. A complete and utter catastrophe from beginning till end - How’s that for a eulogy?

by EyeballChambers, The Vampire Diaries


Run Like Hell 

Born a city elf, Azry Tabris will fight in her mother’s name to end the Blight and show the entire world that the elven people are still to be respected, and that one person can make every difference.

by @teenytabris, Dragon Age



Luminosity is an AU reworking of the Twilight story where Bella is a rational self-knowledge junkie. Inspired by “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality”. Requires no knowledge of or affection for Twilight canon.

by @luminousalicorn, Twilight


Adventures of a Line Hopper

The moment Buffy saw the Doctor, she knew she had to kill him.

by secooper87, Doctor Who/Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem

The invasion of Konoha during the chuunin exam didn’t fail. Team seven is broken, people are dead, and Sakura is hurt and frightened and a very long way from home.

Alternative summary: In which Sakura carries half of Hidan across two countries, leaving a trail of blood, bodies, and other people’s legs.

Faith and the Devil 

It was eleven AM on a Saturday and I was sitting at the desk, spreading a disappointing Vegemite substitute across an equally disappointing piece of gluten free toast. The only thing that wasn’t innately disappointing was that I’d made a very good cup of tea. It was still steaming in my giant, garish mug and I was counting on it to make this breakfast worth getting up for.

Less than an hour later, Lucius Malfoy would be trying to convince me I was his long lost daughter.

by @tozettewrites, Naruto and Harry Potter respectively


Edge of Tomorrow

The Original Hybrid would not be the first fictional character from a fictional world Amanda Warren would discover was actually terrifyingly real. But when Klaus is snared by the same trap that first captured her, the two are thrown into a whirlwind of parallel universes.

by DayStorm, The Originals (and others)


After Life

A story attempting to integrate Sigyn into the wider 616 universe. Featuring lots about the importance of lady friendships. And Loki. Because he refuses to go away. Starts not long after Siege and ends sometime in between Young Avengers Vol. 2 and Loki: Agent of Asgard

by @barbeauxbot, Marvel 616


Deja Vu and Dreams

This ninja business? It isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily Aiko is far from faint, even if she did get stuck with a ridiculously girly name.

by @electraposts, Naruto


Hello, Time Bomb

The success of an undertaking is not determined by its necessity. The Lazarus Project was never likely to succeed.

by @omgmussimm, Mass Effect


Aaaand thats all I have energy for. I hope you like them!


breakfast: two layered banana ice cream (1 st just plain banana, 2nd banana+mixed frozen berries, 4 bananas total) topped with passion fruit, pomegranate seeds, coconut sugar, puffed amaranth and dessicated coconut.