@Zips3: ※皆様、ご確認下さい。



お母さんに自慢してくる( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

@Zips3: ※Minna-sama, Please check this out.

A while ago while looking at the mirror my twitter account even my body became official W(`0`)W

It’s existence shows superiority‼️

I’m going to my mom to brag about this ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

T/N: So many utaite accounts have been verified from the people i follow there’s kradness, 164/ Hiroshi-san and Glutamine!!! And so far i think kradness is the only one who has noticed his verified account? www

@soraruru: 今日はぐるたみんネックレス?LIVE-Gネックレス?を借りてつけていたのだ

@soraruru: Today’s Glutamine’s necklace? LIVE-G necklace? I borrowed this and wore it today

@glutamine_nico: 気づいた人いた?w RT @soraruru: 今日はぐるたみんネックレス?LIVE-Gネックレス?を借りてつけていたのだ

@glutamine_nico: People didn’t notice? w

Glutamine’s 3rd album,「Ta」~ Sonna Fuinki de Utattemita ~ will be released on March 19, 2014 and it will contain newly written tracks! The jacket illustration is by 5 Tsuki-byou Mario.

EXIT TUNES || Amazon || Official Web Site

Track List:

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Glutamine is now on Spotify. You can follow his link on twitter, which will lead you to the Japanese website, but you can also register in your own language. (There’s a code mentioned in Glutan’s tweet, but it’s a Japan-only offer)

If you don’t know Spotify, well, it’s a service that allows you to listen to your favorite artist songs (yes, even the ones exclusively on his albums!!) for free! All you need to do is to install Spotify (it launches after you register), and type “ぐるたみん” in the search bar. Then, press play!!

I don’t know if it’s better for his stats if we follow Glutan’s link so here’s a tutorial to register from the invite link under the cut.

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JimmyThumbP (OneRoom) feat. various - Parallel Universe -tribute to jimmythumbp- [utaite]

Release date: November 15th, 2014
Illustrator: toi8

Website - Amazon

Track list:

  1. No Logic / JimmyThumbP feat. Lon
  2. Calc. / JimmyThumbP feat. Rib
  3. Reboot / JimmyThumbP feat. Rib
  4. from Y to Y / JimmyThumbP feat. che:sakurai
  5. Starduster / JimmyThumbP feat. Wataame
  6. Another World / JimmyThumbP feat. 96Neko [NEW]
  7. Afterglow / JimmyThumbP feat. luz
  8. Scene / JimmyThumbP feat. Anima
  9. Pierrot / JimmyThumbP feat. KK
  10. Fake Lover / JimmyThumbP feat. Akatin
  11. サンセット / JimmyThumbP feat. Au
  12. [untitled] / JimmyThumbP feat. kain [NEW]
  13. [untitled] / JimmyThumbP feat. Shinshakaijin [NEW]
  14. One Night Girl / JimmyThumbP
  15. 新世界セッション / JimmyThumbP
  16. Future / JimmyThumbP feat. SekihanRyo-kunGlutamineTouyuMatsushitaMayumi Morinaga