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The Hive Abides: #glush if you see coupons, ice queens, and The Clash :) Orphan Black SI is co-created by original inkie Graeme Manson & John Fawcett; Season I is written by Manson, Alex LevineWill PascoeTony Elliott, and yours truly – with Chris Roberts story coordinating and room interns Billi Dee Knight and Peter Rowley and department assistant stylings by emerging producer Mackenzie Grace - Season II room is now in session.

A thought about them that they’d never share: How does she manage maintaining a long distance relationship? I thought that she wouldn’t be able to do so. 
First impression of them: Do you expect me look after that? - Resi was a teenager when she found Ana as a baby and secretly glushing  over the Salzburgian’s chibi cuteness. 
Favorite thing about them: You are the perfect blend of myself and your father. Charming and beautiful with a divine gift for playing music like an angel. 
Least favorite thing about them: Overdramatic, spoiled brat with a tendency to matchmake people against their will.
Hopes for their future relationship:  Continue with their mother-sister-daughter relationship and always keep her close to inspire the twins on how to be when they are older (and for a babysitter) and as alink between herself and Roderich. 

Resi wishes Ana all the best for the future and hopefully Ana will achieve her dream of having children and getting married and Resi will be always by her side supporting her and even though they live in different countries they will be always close by if they ever need one another. 

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@getredressed Little Black Dress Challenge Day 3: the same folded tube dress is matched with a vest, silver belt, volume silver cardigan, long clutch and heels for a winter cocktail outfit with a bit of casual glam.

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